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Movie/TV Show Artwork?


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I'm not asking where I can find movie posters and artwork for Launchbox. I have them. Before we get too far into this, I know Movies and TV Shows are currently outside the scope of this application and this is just a thing I'm doing, but I know others have an interest in hosting all of their media under one roof which I how I got started down this rabbit hole. 

At this point I have a collection of... I'd say nearly 300 movies. Poster art, fan art, backdrops, front covers, back covers, video trailers, banners... most of what you need to make it feel like it was scraped at a similarly thorough level on par with your game folders. I'm still building this out but it occurs to me that I could post my collection of media here in the downloads section to share. Again though, citing what I already said above, I know this is a bit of a niche and I don't know to what degree the community here wants to participate in that. I also understand if there is some apprehension about hosting media related to movies and television since that area of copyright tends to be scrutinized more closely.

I wasn't sure where this question would be appropriate so I'm putting it here in the noobs section. Just thought it might be worth gauging interest.



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I have a similar interest in that.

I have inserted in my collection some Videogames magazine, anime, music video, cracktro, manuals, and game music.

All these have not media that I can download, so I build them myself.

Anyway, sometimes, there are some post in download section that have similar media.

And some years ago, there was a plugin that could scrape media and info aboout movies. I dont think it work now, dunno.

But I think that if you want to share something...you can do it!
Posting artwork, dvd box, flyer and posters, fan media should be appropriated.
We have a forum full of this things, haven't we?

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