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  1. Oh, right! Sorry, I didn't understand that. And I think it is the only rational solution. I'll create the Hack "for each platoform" But I'll not show it in the BB setup. Instead I'll create a playlist with all the hacks inside. Thank you a lot, I didnt thought this, thank you very much!
  2. thank you for your reply! When you mix your translations with the original releases, you can scrape the title with his original platform, and that it is a good thing. If I put hacks in another "drawer" I cannot scrape the games if I mix hacks from different platforms, I suppose. Have you combined togheter the translation with the original rom or you let them separeted? Combined are not a problems for media, but maybe you/I can forget which roms (translated/hacked) I have. If I hide a rom in a platform can I recover it visible in a playlist? I have found some remakes, like "Io" and "wizball" (C64) and I have seen some sound enhanced roms for SNES. I think I can put togheter something like 20-50 roms, not more. So I have thought to put them in the same category...but they are from different platform and that makes thing hard.
  3. Hi all! Do you insert homebrew and hack in the platform they belong and then you make a playlist? I'd prefer to find a different way, I' d like to not mix with the released titles, but I'd have to create a lot of new platform (windows hack, snes hack...and so on). any suggestions? Thank you in advance! That's how I have organized my LB/BB: Arcade C64Dreams Computers Consoles Handhelds My Favourites Playlists: ---- Collections ---Developers ---Genres ---Most played ---Recently Played ---Most Played ---Top 100 -- (AND I was thinking to insert here Hack and Homebrew games)
  4. restoring backup resolved. Anyway now I dont know if moving playlist can cause this issue again
  5. Hi, My launchbox /BB was working fine. I would like to manage my playlist tree. So I have created in my playlist (category) a new Collections (category). I have picked the first one (Aliens Collection) and moved (wiht edit) from playlist to new collections cat. Clicked ok and launchbox started to use hard disk. Suddendly launchbox stopped and closed. I have awaited for a while then restarted my Launchbox. I am just waiting it start now. It show me Launchbox version 11.17 (caching playlists) for 30 minutes now and does not load. The green bar is moving but I dont hear a sound from Hard disk. SO, what I have to do? I have tried to close and restart but nothing... help me please? I have done a mistake trying to move my lists? i have to move about 30 playlist but I am a little scared of it. EDIT after a looooot of time, while writinge, launchbox stopped also loading and disappeared. I have restarted and now it is loading again...(caching playlists)
  6. Hi, I am going crazy with this. I have changed my BB theme, and I am using Retro Console theme. For 2 new platoforms I have decided to use Wall of View but background screen is black. I'd like to show an image there...but I dont know where to put it. I have added the marvelous C64 dreams collection of Zombeaver. In the Magazines (ZZap or others mags) I'd like to use "wall of view" seems to me a perfect solution. But it show that sad black screen. Maybe a blue ones or an image with Zzap logo should be more approprieted, for example. Can you help me please?
  7. I discovered now this theme...and I LOVE IT! There are a lot of different views, and I am just putting different views for each platform. I 'd like to make two questions: 1) there is a view with a starter video on the right, I love it. But for some platforms does not work. For example I see that there is a start-neogeo.mp4 video but it does not work on my neogeo setup. Also with the start-3d0. It depends on the name? I have tried to change the file name but it does not work. Have you some tips? 2) When I change views with select button...sometimes it start to show me the same view. I click 10 times and it show only 2 different views...after a while it start again. I am doing something wrong? I hate wall view but it show it at last 10 times togheter with few others view. Sorry to bother you. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi all, I am using this awesome software from some years and I totally love it. Yeah, I need to tell you all this! I am a noob users, I know that I am not using all the potential power of this software but I managed to build an huge collection (for my needs). I am able to change some setting, graphic and expand my playlist adding logo, video, sound. I love LB that allow me to control and check if all is working. I made a Kenshiro collection and I have put the introduction movie as presentetation video. Sometimes I look my collection and I dont play, only pass time to look and get it better. This forum works great, you guys are so kind and expert! (lordMonkus, Neil and the others...sorry, my memory does not work great...) I am very excited for the future update. Jason (and the others "behind" the project) you have made a lot of incredible updates. It is working great for me. So, thank you for this! I never played with so much joy! GO BACK TO ADD SOME LOGO TO MY NEW FRESH INSTALLED RETRO CONSOLE THEME Have a nice day guys, WE LOVE VIDEOGAMES!!!
  9. I dont know if it can help but you can download all data and then prioritize region you want to use (Option-data-region priorities). I have set italy for examples and LB/BB show me Italy images if it is available. this is never happened to me. But I am not an expert, sorry
  10. I dont know if I can help, but I usually can add games only to playlists that have no autopopulate option activated
  11. eheheh alla grande! Grazie!
  12. Sorry, I am not sure if I have understood To use OR I have only to insert: title is equal to XXXX title is equal to YYYY Right? And if I'd like to use AND I have to use: title contains XXXX YYYY So OR and AND operator are automatically used without specifying them if the right formula is used
  13. I have found the instructions that I have used to set up my config: I hope it can help
  14. I am using MAME with default command line parameters: svision -cart But I dont remember if it needs some other files
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