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  1. Yes! I love that style. Oliver Frey is a great drawer and I like to look at his pictures. I have also bought his book. This mags are a little expensive but I like them too much!
  2. Hi all, I attach here Crash Front Box Issue 1- 98 Crash Issue 1-98 Box Front.zip
  3. there was a playlist/collection video theme. The picture you posted is from the video. I have never seen a BB Custom themes.
  4. Hi all, I have regrouped the covers in object. If you need. I cant find where to upload in download section. 64 Extreme Front Cover Issue 1-8.zipAce Front Cover Issue 1-55.zip Examples:
  5. xevious1974

    eXoDOS v5

    Thank you! So, I have already your marvellous eXoDOS v5 intalled and I cannot only check for update, that is right? Sorry, I am total noob but I love eXoDOS!!!
  6. I have done 3 at the moment, I put them here. Nothing specatular, but better than nothing 🤣
  7. Using GIMP I have resolved. I have learned that the file should be in png to hide the background. While in jpg fills with a white background
  8. I think it is for MGS Collection A playlist video
  9. it is changed. If the files are in "startup" folder, they are all read. Naming the file differently does not change that
  10. exporting image lets the white background... it seems simple to do!! But it is not!! (for a noob) 🤣
  11. Thank you! You are great! Windows opens the psd file with SketchBook, I have inserted a new image and tried to resize (there is not a proper resize tool inside SketchBook, how do you do that?). Anyway, I have done my first cover! Hysteria! I am very happy now!!! Thank you!!!
  12. I love this! I am using your cover, they are awesome! How you do them? I'd like to create some for some mp3 that I like and that are missing in your collection. Can you help me? I am a total noob with tool but I learn fast
  13. xevious1974

    eXoDOS v5

    Hi eXo, I love you awesome work!!! I can't imagine how much work you have done!!! At the moment seems that: https://the-eye.eu/public/Games/eXo/eXoDOS_v5/eXo/eXoDOS/ it is not working, and if I try to check an update I receive an error. I am doing something wrong or it is a temporary situation? Thank you again! Soon or later I'll buy your marvellous BOX!!!
  14. When I find something that does not work in launchbox, usually is my fault When, rare, it is not my fault I try to ask, politely, in this forum and there is the chance to insert the ticket on the support site. Anyway I had no problem using DOS import, with installed or not insalled games. Later I discovered the eXoDOS project...life is easy sometimes
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