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  1. Yes I know, but I hope I can ask... Cant understand your reply, savetime.
  2. Cant reach emumovies site What is happening? thank you
  3. I am not a professional translater but I think that "priorità ai video tematici del gioco" should help an italian user to focalize attention on the word "theme" that here I have transformed in thematic (Which constitutes or concerns the theme of works).
  4. I have discovered why I was not able to find that option In the screenshot you have attached I read "Prioritize Game Theme Video" I have italian version and when I read the same line what I read is (in italian of course) "Prioritize Game Video" I have never touched that option. I think that the translation should change, adding the word "theme" I hope can help other italian users!
  5. A BIG BIG THANK YOU! It is quite an year that I am trying to change that, and I have searched everywhere...this demonstrate that I am blind. Next time I'll search better in option than outside on google! Thank you again!
  6. Hi, I am going mad. I have searched quite everywhere but I am not able to find an answer. So I am here with an help request I'd like to show in my BigBox the game video theme and not the normal video. Game video theme is the video with some pictures moving around (I hope it is the right name, but I call in that way because that video are in theme folder) All the Big Box themes that I have tried load the normal video. I have downloaded also the FutureState Neon Deluxe that in the demo video show game video theme but trying to switch from one setting to another I am not able to show them. What I am doing wrong? thank you for your time reading
  7. 4 days ago I have made you a question "Can you please post the source of this advertisement?" You have not to take like a personal issue. If a moderator find an image that does not know he has to search on net. I have searched on tekken wiki and I am not able to find that image. I collect dozen magazines, retro - vintage and so on, and I dont remember that image. So, personally, I love official material, and I love an accurate DB. If you can help moderator with any source it'll get approved. You have to think that there are hundred images to be moderated, and there are too many check to do. I cant spend days searching that source. help moderator with a official source and I bet they/we'll be happy to accept that image.
  8. Most of the time spent moderating is in: -waiting that server loads - looking for the source of the proposed changes on the internet I ask "is it possible to oblige in some way to insert a link or a text for the requested change?" It is terrible to have to spend 10 minutes to understand if the logo that the peson wants to label only as "north america" is also valid for europe. And also the person himself would be forced to carry out research before requesting avoidable changes.
  9. I personally rejected this image 1 time. It's not game play, and I didnt find in tekken 2. Can you please post the source of this advertisement?
  10. Maybe the best option is to accept all images for scummvm. Then the user'll choice the one relative to his rom. I don't think it is a good service but can help people understanding that scummvm is not a platform but it is an engine (i hihihih)
  11. No problem Zombeaver, happy to help you understand
  12. Anyway thank you for you reply, I'll moderate as best as possible now
  13. We'll go OT, anyway Lordmonkus was saying that he does not want to remove scummvm because people ask for it... when we follow the majority we are in democracy. Got it?
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