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  1. WOW there are tons of games!! Where you get all the video? Here on the forum I am able only to reach some. Some playlist video are, for me, unobtainable...sigh
  2. Hi all, I have 2 problems now. I'd like to make some playlists, I love this features! I make an example. I do Mario playlist. I click on autopopulate and I enter in Title Field "Mario", so all games containing Mario in title comes out. Also games that I am not interested in or I miss Luigi Mansion that I want to insert instead. I cannot insert more field because I think that they work with AND function and not the OR. SO I was thinking to edit that games filling the field Series for each one with Mario br., and then autopopulate with series "Mario br." Can it work? It is a field that soon or later may change downloading metadata? That was the first question. How do you your own playlists? Second one. I'd like to insert a video presentation for my new playlist. Have you an idea where to obtain new playlists video on the net? In download section there are some good ones, but there are other resources? Emumovies has not that type of video. Thanks for your help!
  3. Also Atomiswave works great! Only for some games, naomi too, I dont know how to control them...but maybe they needs some special one
  4. I dont know if it helps, but this afternoon I was searching some informations on a game that seems not to work and I have found this page that contain only info, I hope these are useful: http://members.iinet.net.au/~lantra9jp1_nbn/gurudumps/naomi/index.html the game seems dumped but I am not able to understand if it is in good condition or not.
  5. I dont know if this can help but I have created a playlist with my favourites that appears together with the other platform category when I launch BB So, when I start BB I have: -Arcade -Consoles -Computers -Handhelds -My Favourites -Others collection that I want to use Few voices, I dont know if you can set one specific voice at start
  6. Thank you for your reply and excuse me for the question
  7. @neil9000 Sorry to bother you. But you dont want them or you have just organized them in a different way? I am just asking to take some good idea or advice on how to organize my collection. Usually experienced people have great idea that I have not
  8. A lot of online games are based on a rank. So if you are a novice, you should play with novice too. And anyway all people has the right to begin, so dont worry and dont listen toxic people. Have fun!
  9. I had some issue with clear logo, because I am totally noob. But I resolved and now I can see them. The perfect way I think is: put them in the right DIR and rename them as your platform. Check in LB the dir path and they have to appear in the edit windows, in Images, like "Clear Logo" (with Right mouse button - Image Type - you can assign a different categories) then, if that is all correct, in BB you have to refresh clear logos Keep in mind that you can assign different Clear Logo in platform, platform category, playlist, so check the real one that you are changing. I have done a playlist called Commodore 64. It takes my clear logo of Commodore 64 platform. But if I insert in the right DIR (playlist) another Clear Logo, it override the first one. So I use 2 different Clear Logo for Commodore 64 I hope it can help
  10. Hi all, I have lost about 3 hours this afternoon on Vic20...I am destroyed now!!! I am using xvic (winvice) and retroarch I have zipped files and TOSEC set I am going slightly mad (Queen docet). I have set all, and some games are working. But some does not. First problem is the zip files, I'll probably unzip so I can choose freely what support I want to try (prg crt d64 tap) But I have encountered another problem. I dont know the machine so I am just clicking on some games to play something. And then I have clicked on Cyclons!!!! Damn!! There was no way to make it works and then I have discoved that it wants 8k expansion machine...so I have set it up and now works... So...How do you manage that? in Retroarch can you choose the machine expansion? In vice do you set with expansion for all games and then they works? I have fear that I can't have only one configuration for Vic 20... -crt file with vice wants -cartgeneric while .d64 wants -autostart in line parameter it is getting hard for me thank you for reading!
  11. Thank you! Seems Vice Versa plus should be enough for me. I'll study a little it but I think sync fil is the best way yo backup Thank you again!
  12. Thank to @ALIE to have pointed me this post And @Robin55...it is a very good work and help me to organize in a better way my collection. I have already a good collection ready but there is a lot of junks that I want to keep anyway (yeah...I think it is a sort of psicological "affaire") So, talking here on the forum, I am thinking to create a new category and than create some list, under this new category, filling them with the products that I want. I have seen that you can autopopulate the lists, maybe I can mark the favorites and then autopopulate them in the lists, divided for platform. Can it works? Have you any idea about that? thank you again!
  13. First of all, thank you for your reply. Talking is helping me a lot. When I read this phrase I had a punch in my stomach. I thought "I have not that courage but I'd like to be free in that way". It is interesting to analize myself. Thinking about it I am divided in that, I want to keep all and I want to keep only a part of games.For that I was searching a way to divide the software. And you are helping me a lot because I'm finding a solution. I can keep all in LB and then create a list with only my favourite games, maybe divided for platform. So I could be free to see all the games when I want to explore new worlds or I can browse only the one that I like.
  14. Sorry to bother you, it is a little OT. How do you backup? Do you use some specific software or just a raw copy? I don't know what is better. Thank you!
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