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Update a lot of file paths at once?


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Hello All!

I added all my PSX roms to Launchbox but I added the folder full of .rar files by mistake, instead of the folder with all the .bin and .cue files.

My question is how can I update all the games to reflect their new path to the folders with .bin and .cue files? Is there a way to do it all at once or am I stuck going through and updating each individual game path?

Any  and all help is much appreciated!



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The easy way is to select a psx game in launchbox, hit ctrl+a to select all then right click and choose delete. Then import the cue files to launchbox as the bin fles are for the emulators use. Should take no more than a few minutes at the most.

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when you delete  the games from launchbox it will ask if you want to keep the additional files ..you can say yes or no> yes it will delete them and you can download them again after importing the cue files or no and it will keep them and assign them to the new imports.

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