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Mr. Shizzy

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Hi all!


I have been adding some games to the Nintendo Switch database, and it's a pretty straight forward process. 

My question is about how we handle Multi-Game Cartridges/Discs?  For instance, NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection (Switch) comes on a single game cartridge, but when you dump it, you get 3 different game files (one for each game in the collection).

It wouldn't be logical for all 3 of these game files to have the same game ID/Title in Launchbox as

1)  you wouldn't be able to tell them apart in launchbox

2) launchbox would reject importing 2 of the 3 games as they would register as duplicates.


For my own personal build, I just made some fan art for covers and imported separately, but how do we handle situations like this concerning indexing this game(s) in the online database?

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Dear Mr. Shizzy,

I have not a right reply to give you. But I am here to quote what are you saying.

I have already meet this theme and I "vote" for having files separated. 

If we take, for example:

Ridge Racer Type 4

you can see that with the game, not all version anyway, comes Ridge Racer Turbo Mode, that is a demo game of the first Ridge Racer playable at 60hz.

I'd like having it separated in some way and not only in "apps". Is not another version of the same game. Maybe the DB should be organized a little in a different way. Each bonus disc or extra disc should keep the link (ID?) with his original disc but having his space.

In my collection I can keep the bonus disc and not the original game from which it come.


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