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Preventing start menu folder creation on updates?


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So i am not a fan of having shortcuts for non installed programs in my start menu unless i explicitly put them there.  launchbox is one of those funny ones that is a completely portable application yet presents itself as installed/installing and as such places a folder in the start menu.  

once you realize this, you can simply deselect the option to create the start menu folder and carry on.  i just transitioned to windows 11 and have spent quite some time getting it back up to speed as it was my first fresh install since ~2016 or so.   It was finally time to open my launchbox setup and when I did an update was available.  I updated and poof, entry/folder created in my start menu.

now i know this was not the behavior when I was on 10 as i'd updated launchbox countless times over the years the only shortcut in my start menu was a shortcut which was manually created and placed in a custom folder within a custom tree.   

did the behavior change?  did i simply miss a box during the updater that allows for the choosing of a folder or not (coulda swore you just clicked "yes" to update and it went about its business), or am i crazy?

only asking because i'm not super keen on having to remove a folder from my start menu every time launchbox upgrades. 

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