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I don't want categories - I just want all my games up front, possible? (Big Box, Nesica 2020 theme)


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New user setting up Launchbox on my Vewlix cabinet and loving this Nesica theme: 


Only issue I have is I only have 2 kinds of games, Steam and MAME and so a silly top level selector for those 2 is wasted. Can I have all my MAME and Steam games just show?

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Hm, that's close but still not quite right. I don't want any categories or submenus at all. I want just my games on the main page. MAME and Steam mixed together. I don't want to have to switch to some secondary menu to go from SF4 (Steam) to 3rd Strike (MAME)

EDIT: Unless I've done this wrong, when I do that and restart BB, I'm greeted by a singular category. E.g. Windows or Arcade, I just want all those games together.

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Setting Default Startup View to All Games means it shows all your games, regardless of category/platform. I just did it myself and its showing all my games from all platforms and categories.


This is the only option you have to change to do so, on my end.


Then you choose View All Games from the BigBox main menu, and it should work.

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