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  1. Alrighty, I can sort that out. Thank you very much!
  2. I've been having a tiny issue with the sort title option. I entered the word "Consoles" on my Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis platforms' sort title field, and LaunchBox is placing Sega Genesis on top of Nintendo Entertainment System. So it seems to be ordering them in reverse order for some reason.
  3. I do not have a platform or playlist named "All". I checked all my folders in LaunchBox.
  4. Hey Jason, before you release 8.6, I did find a few little things that were unusual with LaunchBox. The "All" item would show up in the "Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos" prompt, and it is also selectable with the Audit feature. If I remember correctly, it wasn't selectable before... EDIT: "All" also showed up in the Manage Platforms prompt as well, but I deleted it so I didn't take a screenshot of it. It also shows up in the "Scan for Added ROMs" and "Scan for Removed ROMs" menu items.
  5. When I add or import roms into Launchbox.next, it keeps creating folders inside my emulator folders for some reason. As you can see by the attached screenshot, the "Manuals" and "Music" folders were created in my RetroArch directory. And inside those folders are platform folders. I'm not sure what could be causing this issue.
  6. @Jason Carr Will the Cache-Next folder be renamed to Cache in the 8.6 official release?
  7. Yeah, but deleting the cache folders and refreshing all my images fixed it. So my problem is solved.
  8. @Jason Carr So, I looked more into the RetroAchievements icons not appearing in bigbox. I posted about it a few days ago in this thread, and I found out that it is related to LaunchBox.next. When regular LaunchBox caches the retroachievements icons, they show up in BigBox. But when LaunchBox.next caches the icons, they don't show up in BigBox. Just wanted to let you know about this Launchbox.next bug. EDIT: Turns out clearing the cache folders in the images folder and refreshing all images made it work! Nevermind Jason!
  9. It seems like RetroAchievement icons are broken in BigBox. They don't seem to show up when I view my achievements for any game that supports it. I am on the latest beta.
  10. @Jason Carr After further tinkering, I managed to get the community ratings to show up by the download metadata wizard. I made sure not to replace any existing fields and the community ratings synced up. Any chance of an option to sync all star ratings from the database to LaunchBox to get the most up-to-date community rating for each game?
  11. No @Jason Carr, I add my games manually through the edit game window.
  12. I downloaded the official release and community ratings are not showing up. I connected the game to the LB database and acquired all the metadata, but the community rating still says none. I did check the database entry on my web browser, the game does have a community rating.
  13. This is amazing. I'm so looking forward to getting my hands on this! Any chance of adding a users system for LaunchBox/BigBox so other people can log in to check their progress? Rather than just the main user?
  14. Oh cool, lol! Thanks a lot, Jason!
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