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  1. I'm using my OnePlus 7 Pro. I do not have any other controller to test with. I've provided the debug log file from the crash. Debug 2021-10-14 03-54-33 PM.log
  2. @Jason Carr I can confirm that even using an official Xbox wireless controller (series x), pressing the dpad, analog sticks, or triggers will cause LaunchBox for Android to crash.
  3. Ah, I understand. Placing it in the games database seems like a good solution. Thank you very much for your feedback, Jason.
  4. So, is there any way to add a new input field specifically for the RetroAchievements game name? So then it can always find the correct achievements list? But since they are working on an updated API, then it should possibly fix this issue too.
  5. Ah, I see. Though, there are other examples of this differential game name issue that doesn't involve ", The." Such as game names that incorporate alternative regional titles like Neo Turf Masters, which is called "Neo Turf Masters | Big Tournament Golf" on the RetroAchievements website, and the achievements won't show up unless you change the game name to that in LaunchBox.
  6. So, I've been tinkering with the 10.15 release of LaunchBox and BigBox, and there is an issue with RetroAchievements not showing up for certain games that use different game names from the LaunchBox Games Database. For example, I have to rename "The Simpsons" to "Simpsons, The" in my Arcade games just to get the achievements to show up. I've posted a thread about this issue in troubleshooting a few days ago. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to manually add a link to the proper RetroAchievements page to my LaunchBox game entry so the achievements show up.
  7. As you can see from the screenshot, the LaunchBox Games Database game name differing from the RetroAchievements game name causes the achievements not to show up.
  8. Hello, all. I've run into an issue with certain games that won't show RetroAchievements information when I select them. I believe it has something to do with how they're named on the RetroAchievements website, since the names sometime don't match up with the LaunchBox Games Database names. Is there a workaround to fix this without renaming my games? An example of this issue would be Neo Turf Masters under the arcade platform. On RetroAchievements its named "Neo Turf Masters | Big Tournament Golf," while on the LaunchBox Games Database, it's named "Neo Turf Masters." Another example would be The Simpsons. On RetroAchievements, the game is named "Simpsons, The," while on the LaunchBox Games Database, its named "The Simpsons." Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
    Simple, modern and compact. This is the kind of LaunchBox theme I'm looking for!
  9. Alrighty, I can sort that out. Thank you very much!
  10. I've been having a tiny issue with the sort title option. I entered the word "Consoles" on my Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis platforms' sort title field, and LaunchBox is placing Sega Genesis on top of Nintendo Entertainment System. So it seems to be ordering them in reverse order for some reason.
  11. I do not have a platform or playlist named "All". I checked all my folders in LaunchBox.
  12. Hey Jason, before you release 8.6, I did find a few little things that were unusual with LaunchBox. The "All" item would show up in the "Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos" prompt, and it is also selectable with the Audit feature. If I remember correctly, it wasn't selectable before... EDIT: "All" also showed up in the Manage Platforms prompt as well, but I deleted it so I didn't take a screenshot of it. It also shows up in the "Scan for Added ROMs" and "Scan for Removed ROMs" menu items.
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