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retroarch and mouse/spinner/trackball


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Hello all, I'm new here on this forum, I purchased the "Forever Updates" package of launchbox, I'm using mostly retroarch and standalone MAME, am i to understand that retroarch has zero support for a mouse/spinner/trackball within core emulators? all i can get it to work with is the retroarch menus and that's it, it doesn't work in any emulator?

I need to know so can stop wasting my time configuring something that doesn't work, seems strange because i got my light gun to work and that emulates a usb mouse.

Thank you!

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mouse can def work in Retroarch if the emulator (core) supports it. I can use light guns with the mame_libretro core......well I technically haven't figured out how to get the 2nd one working as intended.....cannot figure out how to get multiple raw mouse inputs working....each light gun thinks it's player 1 as far as aiming goes but the buttons on each light gun work as intended (P1 trigger fires P1, P2 trigger fires P2 etc). At least playing as just 1 player works OK though. using actual MAME (not MAME through Retoarch) everything works as intended with proper setup. Retroarch is great for everything I like about it....but implementing some of these more niche uses, like with a mouse/light gun, becomes more complicated. With all that said I suggest it might be better to just use the actual emulator rather than the libretro core version in Retroarch. At least test everything with the actual emulator first, then try to implement the same features in Retroarch.

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