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bezels in duckstation + synden


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I've set up a duckstation folder for lightguns only games. I've managed to launch it , to get both guns working and stuff. 

Now i'm trying to add bezel: i'm using bezel pack from sinden wiki, which is based on ahk scripts. When i launch it outside launchbox, it works.

When I launch it calling it from launchbox , bezel disappears after a few seconds. Any guess about this behaviour?

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I haven't used sinden's bezels (didn't even know they made such a thing....I am def going to check this out!) but I've tried some stuff myself with custom bezels using AHK to draw the image on top of the emulator. It does work......def works outside of LB/BB just like you said. Having BB/LB startup/shutdown screens enabled is what complicated stuff for me. I had to mess around with the script on when it was being drawn, making sure not to have it appear too early or else it would come up on top of the startup/shutdown screen. So I guess I should say it does work for me, but the issues doing it like this were cosmetic in nature, like it coming up too early or late. I was doing it to get a bezel launch over a Steam game, Raiden III (after making it's window mode go into a pseudo borderless fullscreen mode), which just like duckstation, doesn't natively support bezels. But when there is will, there is a way! So I bet a solution exists!


my guess why the bezel disappears quickly is LB/BB thinks the exe has closed already. can be a common problem especially when launching from a bat or ahk file. how do you have the emulator and particular roms setup?


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thank you for the insight. 

I've got a separate directory with duckstation games and setup all configured to accept 2 sinden lightguns: when lunching the game LB launches 2 instances of lightgun.exe to command both the guns and the ahk to add bezels, nothing fancy

I was thinking is something dependant on gui not being always on top, i'm going to check it out

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