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Issue with some games no more detected by FS-UAE

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i have updated my FS-UAE to the latest version. I updated the database and at the beginning, after the scan, all my games where detected.

Later, i added this row to the settings (I suppose it is correct to do it, even if it was not necessary as the game were automatically detected in any case,,,):


After that, during the scan, it appears: Error, database locked. I closed FS-UAE and i scan it again and now it completed the scan. But several games aren't detected anymore. In particular the following 5 games:

1) BubbleBobble_v2.0_2518.lha
2) ChaosEngine2_v2.1_0172.lha (i tried ChaosEngine2_v2.2_AGA_0173.lha too, but same issue)
3) JamesPond_v2.1.lha
4) Lemmings2_v1.6_1MB_NTSC_1976.lha (i tried Lemmings2_v1.6_1MB_0351.lha too, but same issue)
5) RuffNTumble_v2.1_0199.lha (I tried RuffNTumble_v2.3_0199.lha too, but same issue)

I tried to delete and create again the database, but the 5 games didn't appear anymore.

Can you help me? How can i solve this issue?

thank you!

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