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Sonic Big Box Collection - sound pack


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Sonic Big Box Collection - sound pack

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A sound pack to go with this startup video:

Also comes with optional Startup and Menu playlists.

Credits (uberduck.ai):

Amy Rose (Cindy Robinson) by EthanRhys
Big the Cat (Jon St. Jon) by JacobLenstar
Charmy Bee (Amy Birnbaum) by EthanRhys
Dr. Eggman (Mike Pollock) by ShadowTB
E-123 Omega (Jon St. John) by cloudy-private
Espio the Chameleon (David Wills) by EthanRhys
Knuckles (Travis Willingham) by EthanRhys
Rouge the Bat (Karen Strassman) by EthanRhys
Shadow (Jason Griffith) by IBob012
Sonic (Jaleel White) by JacobLenstar
Sonic (Roger Craig Smith) by Bing95, IBob012
Tails (Colleen O'Shaughnessey) by ShadowTB
Vector the Crocodile (Keith Silverstein) by ShadowTB

Sound sources:

The VG Resource
KHInsider (?)

Programs used:

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate


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