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Delay Retroarch launch HDR?


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Im starting some games that use retroarch e.g. genesis games. When I load them the screen display is handshaking and in some games it misses the sega logo.


Is there a way to delay the start in retroarch or launchbox by a second.


The gamestartup options dont help.

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  • samgrant78 changed the title to Delay Retroarch launch HDR?

So are you saying bc HDR is enabled in Retroarch your display flickers as it switches modes? (SDR to HDR) If so try turning on HDR at an OS level first which I would believe would eliminate any handshake/mode switching when the game launches...if your OS is running with HDR that is the mode your display is already in when the emulator/game launches. Therefore should be no need to switch at game launch which is when the black screen flicker would occur and I think what your alluding to as the cause of the problem "missing the Sega logo".

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