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MAME Leaderboard integration blocks the population of cheat menu within MAME when enabled


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LB Tools Menu > Options > Integrations Section > MAME

If you check "Upload Your MAME High Scores to the LB Games DB Community Leaderboards" it appears to forcibly block the Cheat menu within MAME from populating with cheat options when MAME is run with -cheat. If you uncheck it and run MAME again, the Cheat menu options are visible as expected. 

This is odd, because the description of this setting in the Options menu reads, "If you have cheats enabled in your MAME configuration, the scores will not upload, and you will not see them in the community leaderboards." But nowhere in that description does it state that it blocks the use of Cheats when enabled.

My use case is a lightgun game called Invasion (invasnab.zip). The way that game was made, there isn't a clean way to get reloading to work (usably) with lightguns, so the only viable option to get it playable is to enable cheats and flip on Infinite Ammo. 

My expectation was that by enabling cheats in my invasnab.ini file but not in my core mame.ini, my highscores for this one game only would be suppressed by the leaderboard integration. This is a trade-off I'm willing to put up with in order to make the game playable. 

But unfortunately, it appears I have to globally disable the integration for everything if I want to use cheats on a single game. And that really sucks. 

I'm hoping this is just an unintended side effect of trying to block cheaters from spoiling the leaderboard, which I totally understand and respect. If that's the case, is there any chance this can be treated as a bug so that selective use of cheats for cases like invasnab can be possible for select games and just those games can have their scores ignored?

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