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  1. Ugh. I'm a dumbass. Move along, nothing to see here. Comparing the videos themselves outside of Big Box, it's clear that my machine's sound config is the reason why my OBS-recorded videos are quiet compared to the ones I downloaded. I fixed the audio gain on one of them and everything sounded the same in BigBox again. So I adjusted my audio config and it's fixed now. Thanks for the assist.
  2. Here's an odd one... I'm using the OBS integration to record gameplay videos for use in BigBox. For the most part it works great. It detects when I've recorded one and asks if I want to associate it with the game when I return to BB, etc. My only problem is, whenever BB plays the video when browsing the catalog, the volume is very low compared to videos I download for, say, MAME games, from LaunchboxDB or EmuMovies. The video I'm recording sounds nice and loud when I play it from within Launchbox's Edit menu or via Windows Media Player from File Explorer. It's only playing quiet in BB itself.
  3. Quick note that I'm seeing something similar in 11.11 too:
  4. I mapped buttons for page up and page down for use in Big Box. Normal stuff. Page Up works fine, but Page Down doesn't respond at all unless I open the Options menu and hit Back to return to the normal view. After I do this, Page Down works fine. No clue why.
  5. This appears to function as intended. I did not encounter any odd behavior.
  6. Wow. That was blazingly fast! Thank you!! Yes, I will absolutely test this later this afternoon and report back.
  7. This is great! Thank you so much for building and offering this plugin. It will be very useful for many of us. If I may, a feature request: Please allow Additional Commandline Parameters (or whatever that field's actually called) to be part of what the plugin considers a unique app (perhaps as a checkbox option which is unchecked by default). So if I have the same RunBefore.exe on 1000 apps, and I only want to delete the 45 that have a certain string in the additional commandline parameters, this extra filtering would support that. In my case, I use batch files a lot, and I feed it
  8. Unfortunately not. But what I did was backed up my Arcade.xml file in case I borked it, and then opened it with Notepad++, with the ToolBucket plugin installed. From there you can perform a multiline find and replace. In your case you'll probably be finding the whole set of lines for the app you want to remove and replacing it with null.
  9. Ooo. In that case, would you be willing to share the script/solution you settle on? Would love to not need to reinvent the wheel.
  10. Sounds right! question (selfishly): Which lightguns are you working with? My Sindens will hopefully arrive in a few more months.
  11. That's more of a LaunchBox question than something for this plugin to solve. If your lightgun software has a commandline argument to close all running instances of the software, you could use this plugin to bulk add two Additional Apps. One that Runs Before Main Application to run the software for use while playing, and another that Runs After Main Application which kills them both. Or, if the lightgun software can't do that, you could do the same thing by writing a small script to find and kill them based on their process ID #s. Or you could write a script that is Run Before Main Application
  12. oh wow. I had no idea these entries were in readable file formats. I would have gone this direction long ago had I realized that. Thank you so much for letting me know. I have no further need for a plugin in order to make such corrections.
  13. This is a great plugin. Thank you for making it. Are you accepting payment for additional features, by any chance? Desired enhancements: Exact Pattern match search of existing Additional Apps Bulk Find/Replace (exact pattern match only). Example: Application Command-Line Parameters of an Additional App contains a typo: -hiddne -exit -play Perform a Find/Replace using pattern: dne Plugin finds all Additional Apps that contain that exact pattern and presents a multi-select list for the user to select which games to modify. User provides the new
  14. I don't know if this issue is specifically what was addressed, but there was this note in the 11.11 changelog, so it may be worth evaluating it
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