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Missing categories that we need in the database to stop feuds and workarounds.


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Fanart - Box - 3D (to include fanmedia and avoid mixing with retail based ones)

Fanart - Clear Logo (exactly the same, people use region priorities some times to download their region retail art but they must have fan creations as something transparent to them not something mixed)

Cart - Front - Reconstructed (some users prefer just legit pictures of carts and others restored images that use templates, due to the lack of reconstructed option, sometimes they were moved to fancart category triggering similar issues).

With the options currently available, the moderators and contributors who work in the database have to be constantly looking for alternatives and generating stupid fights for the particular tastes of each one. There are users who prefer only official art and others insist on uploading art created by them to standardize the visual aspect of their collections even though there are no suitable options for their creations. This causes media downloads to be unpredictable, and a simple prioritization of regions (something as simple as prioritizing usa or europe to have the images of the releases you remember from your childhood) causes a chaotic mix of mixed fanmedia to be downloaded. with official art. We do nothing but receive app updates and the database hasn't changed for YEARS. Personally, not having dedicated time to something that makes the job of moderating and contributing to the database much more unpleasant is something that in my humble opinion cannot be delayed any longer.

On the other hand, an option in the launchbox would be desirable where we can choose to only download FAN MEDIA ART when there is no official art available. For those users who only want boxes and extra art created by users in those digital or homebrew games that lack it.

Thanks for your interest and please, adress this issue.

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