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  1. fanart category must be added as an option for many media, i totally understand your point. For the moment just upload regionally untagged as a workaround.
  2. Maintaining non cleaned or corrected images as main ones ends having the main sources as a pile of heavily damaged and sometimes cringeworthy resources. I´m agree to not clasify as legit and main ones heavily changed reconstructions with some failures or missing parts. But for many years, as you can see in the tons of work and contributions, launchbox community is working to provide eye candy art and keeping a good balance between acuracy and quality. I made myself some really acurate reconstructions with only little and near non visible changes to the real ones, and wanting to be fair i uploa
  3. Duplicate entries? No way! The solution must be to add language available tags in database and the posibility to mark with official english or fantranslated english (for example) and prioritize the picked sorting name like we do with media. But @Jason Carr I don´t know if it is because their personal motivation or related to some messy difficulties to deal with databases doesn´t seem to focus too much on database changes. Language availability in games is a well known and necesary proposal to deal with fantranslations or to pick only games that were officially released in your native lang
  4. Some issue detected. Moderation cue is stuck in one change in Sega Ages Virtua Racing of Switch, not mvoing forward at all. Also i can´t see my recent contributions in my changes status. @Jason Carr
  5. And also, in the AES listing you have all the neogeo platform released games, because all of the MVS exclusives were released unnoficially in aes format by small stores, producers , they´re are listed as unnoficial releases.
  6. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5688/add-reconstructed-and-fan-tag-for-every Now, the database lacks of reconstructed and fan tag for 3d boxes or carts, this ends in a messy media downloads for people who only want legit art and want fanart and reconstruction only to complete the games that can provide it officially due to their prototype, homebrew or digital nature. For example in the 3d boxes category there´s a mixture between real recreated 3d boxes with their correct sides and fanmade ones, also there´s official regional releases with regional fanmade 3d boxes. S
  7. Please i´ve opened a thread to discuss seriously with this issue.
  8. Also don´t forget about languages tag. Another postponed database improvement. Is a good option to know what official languages and fantranslations are available for a game. I know that there´s could be some reluctancy to add fantranslations as well as an archive, maybe for copyright issues? But just adding the info of that exist could be good.
  9. My Bad, dude! English is not my native language. Corrected. Thanks! Want do you think about the topic? https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5688/add-reconstructed-and-fan-tag-for-every
  10. We need to adress this issue to provide good sets. In the past weeks, months, we are moving clear cart images created with card templates due to the lack of reconstructed tag and the persistence of some fellows to keep tacky cart photos in the cart category to provide an homogeneous set of carts for the ones who want good quality sets. Seriously, we need to adress this issue and get rid of NOT ARRANGED, RESTORED CARTS in the database. We had exactly the same issue with boxes in the past. Some users insisted on keeping dirty, misplaced, unrestored boxes in the database giving them prioriry
  11. Yes, but classifying restored snes cards as fancard aren´t correct too but we were doing it as a workaround because the RECONSTRUCTED CARD TAG doesn´t exist and many people insist on keeping horrible quality scans as legit cards with distorted proportions, shadows, not cleaned backgrounds, etc and we needed to move the cleaned and restored ones to fanart as a workaround. We can´t be so strict with the database capacities considering all the flaws that it still has. Tagging it as DLC in snes was aproved months ago and wasn´t detonate any crazy crusade to seek and tag any digital release in othe
  12. Every Nintendo Power Snes Game and Satellaview full game included in snes list was tagged as DLC. Rejecting this one is an exception. Ticket https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5669/tags-to-diferenciate-physical-release
  13. Hi guys, what do you think about this feature? Please vote.
  14. My skills were shit before launchbox too. HAHAHA, I made the efford just to elaborate art for the database. There was a work of years to complete the boxfront section (too many japanese stuff without scans i needed to search a lot across the internet to find fair enough pictures, and it took a lot of work. The usual stuff for my corrections aren´t the big deal. I´m using GIMP. First, I use the burn tool to increase darkness in black areas and brightness in white areas, this removes a lot of dust and dirtyness in the boxes. Next to it i clean up the remnants painting with paintbrush tool i
  15. Work never ends. I´m improving some of your LQ uploads (the blurry ones of lower resolution), and creating 3d boxes and Fancards for Games that were only released digitally (satellaview full games, nintendo power and some homebrew and obscure unlicensed dirty games). But a lot of thanks for the huge efford. Glad to see another snes fan in the community. Also i really hate the dirty and uncutted-uncorrected card photos and i´m replacing these with better sticker sources and cleaner card images. If you or other snes fans want to know what are my sources for snes/sfc art i give you a list
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