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  1. Launchbox database is created to feed an emulator frontend. Not a place for preservation. I agree with the point of being acurate in cleaning or restoration. But in an eye candy environment, arranged images are better. It doesn't make any sense to value a scratch or damage in images. We are dealing with images from decades ago, all of them require som degree of restoration. This was an old debate quality is over strictly preservation. Not all of your examples are valid. Someones is true that are burned or altered in main textures, but others are simply colour corrected due to sunfading or damage in surfaces.
  2. @Jason Carr region priority is a mess, and take regionalized alternate names as priority the same, many people are adding regional tags to secondary or optional names, some of them kanji. It is even worse than before. There are people who choose, for example, American roms just because they play them at 60fps without problems and because they have retroachievements, but they want to see European art downloaded and viewed in the display of their collection. Right now I am importing roms from super nintendo USA that easily with the old functioning of the priorities imported without problems with the art of all the regions or only the European one if I put it on the priority list. Now it is impossible, it is updated if or if the identification of the rom as USA, and it does not matter that you only select Europe in the art priority or that you change the region or the version of the roms, it continues to download only the art that corresponds to it to the region that they have assigned. Please fix it by adding a simple option that allows download art according to rom region or according to region preferences in order.
  3. 100% agree! I'm changing every snes-sfc screenshot using native 8:7 png screenshots.
  4. I totally understand the points 2 and 3, but about the first one, we already have videos for platforms that include gameplay. What i'm missing? And also one more thing and a million of thanks for take a break to answer my questions. What's in your mind about changes in the database? There's a lot of room from improvements like adding some extra tags (reconstructed and fan tag to some media like 3d boxes or carts) to avoid moderation feuds and workarounds to dodge their limitations, a notification system to see rejection messages (now it's imposible to be aware of them if you don't check submissions one by one) and the always postponed game language information in every game (listing official and fantranslated).The last polls about new features didn't include database changes. As you can see in my profile i'm a heavy contributor and moderator for the database and sometimes is really frustrating that issues about correct scrapping of flaws triggers a lot of handmade work to curate collections. Please take in consideration to add some CRC use for scrapping, i've tried skrapper and it works like a charm, check the api, is really fast and acurate, we tried to solve the issues adding alternate naming but still is a problem. Do we could expect legal issues about allowing translation patches like romhacking.org? If you add CRC check could be perfect to detect fantranslations available and notify to the users if they want it or download byy demand. That's enough for today, apologies if i'm kinda tiresome with some issues. I'm a huge fan of your work. It opened a good path after crazy days of frontends like hyperspin or others and the real diference is the database in my opinion, just needs some love :).
  5. Thanks for the fast response Jason. And what about including videosnaps in launchbox database? Our community is really big and work a lot for providing good media, i think is good to boost some competence in the video snaps media, emumovies was the only source for many years, maybe it could boost emumovies attitude (they laid being the only ones), i paid for a few years and in my opinion is so expensive and the last years they don't update so much.
  6. @Jason Carr Jason, what do you think? The video scrape with emumovies fails a lot due to strict naming conventions or the lack of launchbox to make recursive calls when a game is not found. Also skraper using the screenscrapper source as an API uses CRC checks + naming returning in more acurate scrapping. What's your preference? Integrate screenscrapper as a source?, add CRC checks to improve scrapping in launchbox? Add video game clips as an extra to launchbox db?
  7. I create custom boxes for all the games without retail boxes, most of the snes/superfamicom fanboxes for nintendo power, some satellaview and prototypes are designed by me, also the carts.
  8. I'm not saying that. I'm not generally speaking, it's about lq media elaborated in a rush from many many years ago. It's not about personal preferences, it's about overall and objetive quality, good resolution, better sources, cleaning, no artifacts etc. Nobody is gonna be satisfied with a 200x150 resolution false usa 3d box with a bad cut of the japanese box when it's available the only real and released box for the japanese release perfectly clear and arranged due to some usa tagging in it as it was a real usa release. Everybody without a short fuse knows what i'm saying, there were a lot of media like that years ago and it was erased because wasn't good enough. It's not about rejecting art for personal preferences or some crazy megalomaniatic ideas, it's about a workaround till we have fan tag for 3d boxes, fan tag for clear logos, and other missing issues in the database, to avoid mixing. As you can see English isn't my native language and sometimes is difficult to explain some topics.
  9. The database improvements to avoid this issues was demanded a lot of times for many years, but the devs aren't interested or is not their cup of tea after the left of viansix, that worked in that part. Untagging regionally 3d box fanart or clear logo fanart is less harmful in batch media downloads than having mixed sources (legit releases. fancreations) . Fan creations are still there but the people don't found them overlaped or taking priority of real restorations due to region priorities. It's was an accepted workaround by many moderators. I'm not only a moderator but a heavy creator and contributor to have an eye candy and comprehensive sources in database (mainly focused in snes, almost completed with thousands of my restorations of boxes, cards, fanart etc) and many others. And it piss me off a lot to destinate many hours, months and years to provide a bulk download with only legit and real art, with the best posible quality to see this effort destroyed with some creepy creations mixed with heavy work (we don't have an standard for fanart and many creations are fast, just shabby cuts of the original japanese boxes and with poor resolutions or care. I'm promoting this criteria thinking on the best outcome for new users or people who don't want to spend a lot of time arranging their collections and having to manually clean their media downloads to erase LQ art or inconsistencies. One of the best quirk of launchbox is not having to add media by hand, and the database, and the tons of work of many contributors to upload clean and HQ quality art. Not everybody has time to arrange their collections, and priorityze released art over fan workarounds is a way to demostrate love and respect for the kind of experience launchbox can provide. To download unadressed scans there's a lot of places in the internet, and heavy manual arrangement is mandatory in other frontends and there's a lot of media packs out of the database. I think that working hard to make a difference isn't a bad thing.
  10. AH Ok, maybe they are previous to region tags, and sometimes that games where stuffed in the first place only with usa box art, the european and japanese where added after. This issue is common to see it as USA cover not regionalized and japanese and european with correct tagging or japanese exclusives without region.
  11. You're totally missing about the issue, is more important to tag diferently legit art and fan created art, due to the explained lacks in database that's not posible in 3d boxes or clear logos and triggers mixed downloads. It's preferable to lower the need of arrange things manually after. And no, not all art is mandatory to tag it regionally, backgrounds as an extra decoration is not mandatory (common sense), fanart is an extra (to complete missing media or personal appeals) i thing that keeping it as i explain regionally untagged to avoid mixed downloads is common sense.
  12. @Jason Carr Database needs more love to reward all the tons of work of the contributors and moderators. We suffer a lot of misanderstandings due to the lack of some tags and options. No fanart for 3D boxes, it triggers mixing between fan creations and real box 3d adaptations. People want to know exactly what are downloading, legit boxes or fancreations. We are regionally untagging the fan creations but is a workaround and some people tag them again as legit regional 3d boxes. No fan tag for clear logos, same issue, some people upload westernized titles as regional ones and you end with a bunch of non real logos due to region prioritys. No reconstructed tag for carts. A big problem because usable carts and eye candy are always reconstructed using standarized templates due to the curves of many cartridges, we tried ago to clasify reconstructed ones just as cards keeping the fancarts as something optional but some users instist on preservate dirty borrowed cards from diferent sources, without cleaning, lots of shadows, light dots, etc, we moved to fan tag but it also triggers the issue mentioned before, miixing bewteen real reconstructions and fan creations. And adding game languages and translations was asked YEARS ago... and still unadressed. I know that coding databases could be a pain in the ass and maybe not your cup of tea, but think a little in all the hours expended correcting things manually or managing contribution work to provide the cleanest media batch without adressing it manually and the frustration that moderators and contributors are dealing with for years. Please, i beg you, focus on the database for a few weeks or months.
  13. If they are FAN CREATIONS, not created using real box releases, they must remain without region tag. We don't have fan tag for 3d boxes, many people only want fan creations as a workaround when nothing else is available (digital only games, homebrew, etc), if you regionally tag 3d fanboxes they overlap due to region priority when you download data. Is disgusting to see a lot of westernized fanboxes instead the real japanese ones for example. Until we have fan tag for 3d boxes or clear logos, any non official media must remain regionally untagged to be available as an option but not taking priority over the real ones.
  14. fanart category must be added as an option for many media, i totally understand your point. For the moment just upload regionally untagged as a workaround.
  15. @kurzih Maintaining non cleaned or corrected images as main ones ends having the main sources as a pile of heavily damaged and sometimes cringeworthy resources. I´m agree to not clasify as legit and main ones heavily changed reconstructions with some failures or missing parts. But for many years, as you can see in the tons of work and contributions, launchbox community is working to provide eye candy art and keeping a good balance between acuracy and quality. I made myself some really acurate reconstructions with only little and near non visible changes to the real ones, and wanting to be fair i uploaded that creations as reconstructions. The point is, i'm not gonna upload HQ cleanings with hours of work to see them overlaped by low resolution images with sunfade, missing parts, tons of dust or damaged areas to acomplish some minor preference for preservation. There's other databases around the net with that policy of NO CLEAN, NO WORK, CREEPYNESS IS THE REAL EXPERIENCE. Moderation preferences of the community had favored clean art vs unaltered art. Reconstruction tag remains as some place for the less acurate reconstructions or cleanings (that ones with missing parts, heavy cuts, misplaced logos,etc) that could work as a workaround but aren't fair enough to confuse them with the real top notch HQ legit scans. We are talking about ages ago media, it´s imposible to find scans of everything, and many covers need a heavy work of reconstruction using poor sources from second hand marketplaces like ebay or yahoo japan. If somebody prefers this over this I think that person is missing the reason to manage a collection of games with a launcher. Every retrogame launcher promotes HQ and cleaned art, and compared to other communitys, launchbox bunch doesn't accept mixing creepy fudges like false european or usa covers for japaneses games in their main category. I'm satisfied with the global criteria in moderations and i'm not gonna support giving preference to damaged material. Is possible to have respect for original sources without being obsessed with impossible tasks of ortodox preservation.
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