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  1. My proposal as i say time ago is to add no intro names or other tipical romsets as alternate names. When we have the alternate naming use fully implemented launchbox could find the names an asign them a regional tagged (cover content fair name) to the roms. There's the more easy solution, and without this, emumovies video download service fails a lot because the guy service (circo) only supports nointro and good romset naing convention. We really need to manage and promote this. There's a lot of naming conventions, some that only differs in the use of & and or other naming decisions that not are acurate with our policy of stablish naming with full cover content. If we don'd add a good set of alternate names, the scrapping could be failing to the end of time, and is very frustrating the need to check one by one all the hundreds of games that not scrape correctly.
  2. Search in snes list, are snes games with diferent cartridge size not other platform.
  3. You could easily create playlists for your clasification needs. There's no point on splitting the hardware platforms on arbitrary listings with this option implemented in launchbox.
  4. @Chris Kantsufami turbo: cartridge adapter, the same as the card adapter for master system II for the use of old card games. 32x New machine with CPU: 2 procesadores Hitachi SH2 RISC de 32 bits a 23.011 MHz Co-Procesor: New VDP, also using the motorola 68000 of genesis. Polígonos: 50000 Polígonos/seg. RAM: 256 KB (2 Megabits) destinados al programa, 2 framebuffers de 128 KB (1 Megabit). Paleta: 32.768 colores simultáneos en pantalla sobre paleta total de 32.768. Sound: Extra channels PWM digital
  5. @DOS76Anyone could see the diference. Sufami turbo is only a cartridge adapter, don't add extra hardware at all. 32X is a full new machine with his own cpu, 32x only uses genesis as a powersource, it have his own video out.
  6. sufami turbo are snes games, the sufami turbo is merely a addon to support sufami cartridges (smaller and cheaper than regular ones) No need for extra platform.
  7. Updated sources for covers. For superfamicom and euro covers (needs registration) For superfamicom only Playasia Usa covers scans and others
  8. We need that launchbox uses this alternate titles for scrapping and merge roms. Many people are still uploading duplicated roms because the scrapping system only uses sorting titles and fails with diacritics and others. I'm really sick of deleting again and again games like Final Fantasy VI Chavez I and II, Another world and others that are already in the snes database with their US sorting title. And seeing over and over the pokemon pokémon naming changes or 1080 snownoarding. Please priorityze this, the lack of this for years are turning into a serious pain in the ass for moderators.
  9. We need an easy way to see all the rejections in a section with notifications to manage them.In the actual way don't work very well. We can't manage all the contributions one by one, is a really nasty task.
  10. We have alternate naming for this. We could add as alternate names the romset names. We don't need to oversize the list but i thing that with the regional names, some also know names and the 3 romset more useful we could achieve a near perfect 100% scrapping when launchbox uses the alternates names for scrapping and search.
  11. error with the script attatched and error with the autohtokey script.please!!
  12. a year ago the superfamicom and snes are merged, same for genesis and megadrive. What's the point of keeeping separate famicom and nes today? Please merge it, we have alternate naming and data for this.
  13. months ago the alternate naming has included in the database and still doesn't have any utility for scrapping and consolidate diferent regional roms with alternate titles. Maybe it's time.
  14. In past times i update the neogeo aes with all the japanese boxart available in the best quality i could find, at least in japanes boxfront is complete, you have work with the western art, many custom cover and very difficult to find the real ones in good quality. Be careful with tgas is really hard to find the real covers and not customized ones for shock boxes and others.