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Very high usage when importing MAME media from EmuMovies


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I had posted this in the discord but didn't get a response back so I'm gonna try here.  I am importing a full Non-Merged MAME set into LaunchBox.  The process seemed to go fine and downloading media from the LaunchBox Database seemed to go smoothly.  However, when I get to the part where it downloads from EmuMovies (I am a lifetime member over there) the downloads practically stall.  Like I don't see it downloading anything and it appears it is stuck.  But it isn't stuck because I let it run overnight and when I come back it is waiting on a different media file.  So progress is being made.  However, when I go into Task Manager, my CPU, Memory, and Hard Drive usage seems unusually high (I have 2 hard drives in my laptop so a 50% usage on my hard drive means that my D drive, where my Launchbox folder is, is at 100%).  I try to just let it do it's thing but sometimes when I start using my computer for other things while LaunchBox is doing its thing my Computer crashes with a blue screen.  I've never gotten that screen with anything else that I use on my computer.  I have also had LaunchBox Hard Crash on me a few times where I got a pop up asking if I want to report it so I did.  Not sure how to find those reports though but let me know if you think that will help. 

I understand that you guys have no control over EmuMovies and if there is an issue with EmuMovies downloading slow then I will have to take that up with them.  But it just seems very unusual to me that if all LaunchBox is doing is waiting for a response back from EmuMovies in order to continue with the downloads that my usage is so high.  I feel like there is something wrong going on here and I was wondering if there was anything I could be looking at in LaunchBox that would help me point to what exactly is going on that is using up all those resources.  I've attached screenshots of Task Manager showing the usage.  I tried taking another screenshot just recently where it showed even higher CPU usage and Hard Drive usage but my computer blue screened again.  Let me know if there is any additional information you need and I will gladly supply it.  Thank you.

Launchbox Emumovies1.JPG

Launchbox Emumovies2.JPG


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