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Is there a better way to remove playlists?


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Occasionally I need to remove the playlists from a platform category. If I use the option when right clicking on a category and selecting the option to remove all playlists, it will sometimes destroy the structure of similar naming categories. For example, I just removed them from Nintendo Game Boy and all the playlists for Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Nintendo Game Boy Color were set with no parent as well making a mess of things. I then have go delete 100 playlists by hand and then rebuild them for those two.

It will work most of the time leaving only behind the playlists I created manually, but it can be frustrating to have to cleanup a mess like that. Is there a better way to accomplish a complete wipe of playlists from a category? I'd prefer not to have to delete anything but there has been a long standing issue of scanning for new ROMs and it sometimes doesn't import them because a version of the ROM is already present and it will ignore the ROM but show that it is ready for import the next time you run it. The only way I have been able to get around that is to delete the entire platform and start over. Any tips would be appreciated.

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