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Launchbox crashing on startup after going to Tools -> Options


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whenever I go to Tools -> Options, change anything or simply click on "Validate" to exit menu, then close Launchbox, I get this message upon the next startup :


Message is in French except the error itself, but you guys probably figured out which one it is. It says that it can't go further as Settings.xml is corrupt and suggests restoring a backup.

Now when I edit Settings.xml and go to Line 25, character 25 as indicated by the error box, I get this value within the "GamepadName" tag :


If I delete that line, Launchbox starts up fine again, with any other options I may have changed before closing also being applied correctly in the process, I assume since they aren't blocked by the crash anymore and LB can parsed through the xml normally.
In case this is relevant to our case, I indeed have an original SNES controller connected permanently to my system via a driverless standard USB adapter, which in Device Manager goes by the USB input device name : "SNES RetroPort". I can provide more information about that device if need be, as I managed to pinpoint it after checking through the entire list of input devices listed by the system information panel.

Thanks for your help,



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Still having this problem with the latest update. If there is anything I could do to avoid having to edit the settings file on every option change, I'm a taker.

Also standing ready to send any logs or perform any specific set of verification tasks to provide you with the tools to look into this. Am I the only one experiencing this ?

Thanks again,


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