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Occasionally, a game that has achievements doesn't indicate that within LaunchBox. Is there a way to create the relationship so the available and completed achievements will appear? I'm not exactly sure how LaunchBox knows when to show the panel and tab or not.

This game for example has achievements and will work just fine using RetroArch with this version of the game.




This is the data that is missing.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I believe Launchbox requires the title to be named exactly the same as the retro achievements site does in order it to display the tab and sync properly.

In your case, retro achievements names the game   ~Homebrew~ 8-Bit Rhythm Land

This can be very annoying for showing achievements for home brew and hack versions of games.

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There are other homebrew that seem to work named as they are.


I noticed the alternate name is set on this one in the format that you mentioned.


I tried setting the alternate name in the same way on 8bit Rhythm Land but that doesn't work. It did work if I set the main name exactly as you indicated on the record, but that is not ideal. I guess I'll live without the few that won't work right instead of destroying the names.

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I found a ticket related to this issue on the bug report site. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/3722/add-and-fields-into-the-platform-xml-for

Sounds like a lot of the work of adding alternate names was done but often gets removed by well meaning helpers thinking the name is wrong or isn’t needed. Hopefully a longer term fix will get done at some point. I would add them all myself if I knew the work wouldn’t be wiped out. I appreciate your help and input.

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