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I havent kept up with Launchbox and Retroarch as much over the past couple years so I'm a little bit out of the loop. I see there's the Bezel Project, Mame bezels, and Launchbox integration for downloading and such but I'm still kinda lost. 

My original set up has Launchbox launching a config file when it opens Retroarch and it displays my overlays fine. So after updating everything, I tried out MegaBezel with some CRT shaders and I really like how that looks. I want to make this my standard going forward

So two questions; 1) are the config files no longer necessary if you save your overlay and shader settings for the core? When I took out my config file, I noticed it launches Retroarch with my overlays and shaders with no problem. Which is cool, except I dont want the same overlay for every system that uses that core. For example, I have Genesis and Mega Drive overlays but since I saved the Genesis one to the core, it'll only use that one for everything that uses that core. That's where the config files came in handy.

2) Can you use config files like I was previously doing for the overlays and also have it launch my shader settings that I have saved to the core as well? If so, how do I achieve this? I'm ok with leaving the settings in Retroarch if there's a way to have different overlays for the same core. 

Bonus question, can I set up a core with my overlay and shaders and export the config to have Launchbox use that?

I tried googling old threads, youtube vids, and searched the forum to see if I could find anything helpful and I've come up empty handed. I honestly dont remember how I did those original config files since I used a tutorial years ago. So I'm more or less starting over from scratch. Any help is appreciated.

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