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Has anyone gotten dual gun4ir guns working with supermodel 3?


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16 hours ago, Headrush69 said:

I think we are saying the same thing but in different ways.

Those emulators are expecting the gun co-ordinates in the ratio matching your display ratio. even when the actual game is only outputting 4:3. By forcing Content aspect ratio on, you are introducing those offset problems.

There is no way around the fact you have to switch. I find it's easier to stay in Full and switch to Content when needed, but to each his own.

I'm assuming you are using Demulshooter with SM2? I ask because I run at 4:3 and after in game calibration it works in Full screen aspect. (no need to switch)

Yeah, makes sense now.

I did try setting the resolution of supermodel3 down from 2560x1440 to 1920×1440 and in windowed mode but that didn't Work either

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