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Can you stop the zoom in and out button maps from changing the box art sizes in Launchbox?


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In Launchbox I have R2 and L2 mapped as the zoom in and out buttons for viewing manuals and stuff. Only problem there is that those button mappings also change the box sizes in Launchbox which is annoying cos it's easy to catch it accidentally. Especially when someone else is using the setup and they randomly press buttons, when I come back to it the box art looks all effed up. I disabled L1 and R1 toggling the side bar and game details panels for the same reason.

So far it seems the only solution is to unmap the zoom in buttons altogether, but then I can't properly navigate the manuals or whatever else may require a zoom feature in Launchbox. Is there a way to disable zoom in and out maps from affecting the box art sizes without affecting everything else? It's a small issue but a noticable one. Thanks in advance.


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