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Unable to change BigBox Theme


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As the title says. Launch Box and Big Box have been working for months with no issues, but I'm now unable to change my Big Box theme. When I go to the general setting while in Big Box, and click "Manage Theme," it just says "Please Wait" and never does anything more. I have to close the software. I have other themes downloaded and have changed them in the past. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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The error I see with 13.1 is "Big Box was unable to contact the Launchbox servers.  Please make sure you have an active Internet connection..."

Of course I have an active internet connection.

Interestingly Launchbox is also not downloading art because it cannot reach the download location images.launchbox-app.com.  I suspect these problems are related.

Editing this comment:  I just realized my pihole was blocking that URL.  It's working fine after all.



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this sounds like it's the users internet connection. I'm on slow internet and downloading stuff directly from Big Box is a hit or miss for me as a result. gets stuck at XX% or like what you're describing will time out on the Please Wait text to generate the list. the problem has nothing to do with a Windows version or whether it is up to date. I prefer to download directly from the forum when possible

I realized this when I tried reaching this page when not connected to the internet...then I thought why would it be implemented like this.....many users purposely disconnect their cabs from the internet. so to prevent a user from using one of the most basic and sought after features, using and changing themes, due to not being connected to the internet would be a bad idea all around. you don't need to go to the manage page to just select which one you want to use. though you can do it that way, it doesn't seem to be that pages main purpose

the Manage Theme/Pause Theme/Startup Theme pages are for managing theme within the frontend. ie install, update, or uninstall

if you want to switch themes whether the main theme, pause theme, or startup theme you can do that easier from another page that doesn't require an internet connection

Main theme = Options > Views > Theme

Startup theme = Options > Game Startup > Startup Theme

Pause theme = Options > Game Pause > Pause Theme

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