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Sega Ring Series (RingWide/RingEdge/RingEdge 2) Platform Theme Video (16:9 soundtrack & 16:9 soundtrack no intro)


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Sega Ring Series (RingWide/RingEdge/RingEdge 2) Platform Theme Video (16:9 soundtrack & 16:9 soundtrack no intro)

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I decided to do something a little bit different for this one. Rather than having all of the "Ring" systems split into separate platforms, I keep them all in one (same for Capcom Play System and Taito Type X systems).

This platform video covers all three of the "Ring" systems as a result and works as a "catch-all". I have also included a Platform Clear Logo for it.

I was going to do soundtrack and game audio versions in both 16:9 and 4:3, but this required a fair amount of time to finish so only a 16:9 with soundtrack and a no intro version with soundtrack are included. I am by no means an After Effects pro (purely a hobbyist), but if you would prefer a game audio variant or 4:3 variants, just drop a comment here or send me a DM. Though a 4:3 variation will require an extensive amount of editing to the original composition to make it look right. If I do make other versions, I will updates this thread and the YouTube playlist as well.

In any case, I have to give thanks to @Solo for the RingWide/RingEdge clear logos as I used them in this video and also thanks to Fernando Caldas for the awesome music. I do not know where it was sourced from, but they used it in their own Ring Series video, which is available here:


Also thanks to Enzeefx for the fantastic template that I used to make doing the intro significantly less time consuming. Link below for anyone interested in checking out some of their templates:


I also have to give a mention to @Trymado as I took inspiration from the videos that he has made for TeknoParrot, Type X, etc.

Hope you guys enjoy. Playlist below:



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