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Confused About Image Downloads


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I attempted to upgrade my MAME setup from 238 to 251.  That went horribly.  I wound up with multiples and anything new added had no images attached to it at all.  So I blew it all out and started from scratch.  Installed and setup LB the exact same way as before.  Then I noticed a lot of games didn't have images for them.  So I started to compare my existing install (before it blew up) with the new one and this is what I found:

Old .238

5660 Games

Images folder - 21.2GB - 59,953 files - 766 folders

Screenshot - Game Title folder - 6,357 files

New .251

5814 Games

Images folder - 18.76GB - 34,540 files - 777 folders

Screenshot - Game Title folder - 2,636 files files


That's a massive reduction in the number of items, especially the Screenshot folder.  If I go to a game with no image (existing install has an image) and edit that game then go to download media, it says it can't find anything.  Where did these images go?  Why do they no longer have images for them?  I'm assuming I can just copy over my old Images folder with no issue?  I brought over one image and it populated properly which I thought was interesting.  Are these snatched up based on file name structure?

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You need to make sure that the game in question (no images) matched with the LB database. On the first screen of the edit metadata, in the upper-right corner there should be a LB ID number (see below). If it is missing (no match), you will not be able to get any images. If that is the case, you need to check/change the name of the game and manually search for the ID number.


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