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Hacks & Fan-Made Media Pack (Metroid + bonuses)


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Hacks & Fan-Made Media Pack (Metroid + bonuses)

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I am in the process of finishing out my Hacks & Fan-Made collection and finished all of the Metroid titles that are in it, so decided to go ahead and share those now. Once finished, this will cover about 50 games and I will update this thread when I get the rest uploaded. I am not responsible for all of the images that I am providing here, but most all box backs, spines and some clear logos were done by me. Some of the box art and clear logos are ones I did some years ago now, but was happy with them enough as they are.

There are a couple of bonuses included as well: BS The Legend of Zelda: Third Quest and The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets. A lot of mock ups tend to be based on the North American box design, but as we all know, these were never officially released outside of Japan, so I made mock ups base on the Super Famicom box design, but used the Satellaview logo on them. The Third Quest uses a vertical style and Ancient Stone Tablets uses the horizontal style.

Also of note is that for Super Metroid Phazon, I included the original clear logo that I made some years back as well as the box front mock up. The most current version of the hack changed the name to Alternate M: Episode Phazon and the game title screen was changed to reflect this, so I made a new clear logo to reflect this. If you still have an older version or just prefer calling it Super Metroid: Phazon, the older clear logo and box front are in a folder on the root of the archive.

The pack includes media for:

Box front/back/spine



Clear Logos


Gameplay video snaps

Titles included in this upload are as follows:

Metroid [mOTHER]

Metroid: Rogue Dawn

Super Metroid: Retroid

Metroid Super Zero Mission

Hyper Metroid

Super Metroid: Ancient Chozo

Alternate M - Episode: Phazon

Super Metroid: Project Base

Super Metroid: Hydellius

Super Metroid: Eris

Super Metroid: Z-Factor

Super Metroid Redesign

Super Metroid Redesign: Axeil Edition

Super Metroid: Subversion

Super Metroid: GBA Edition

AM2R: Return of Samus

Metroid: Confrontation

Metroid Origins

Metroid: Planets

The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets

BS The Legend of Zelda: Third Quest


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