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As there is a new update of Ares Multisystem emulator, I tried to use it with Launchbox. I found that, with some systems, Ares does not know which system emulator to use. So, you have to include a command line for each system. In the home page you have a few examples:

for MSX system, use: --system MSX --fullscreen

But for PC Engine CD, although I use command line, --system pce --fullscreen, it launches Mega CD emulator. Does anybody know the abbreviation for each system, or the correct command line I should use? I found no information about it, just: a26, fc, sfc, n64, sg, ms, md, ps1, pce, ng, msx, cv, gb, gba, ws, ngp, spec, and some do not work.

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Just chiming in as I found this topic via Google but couldn't find any other info

It turns out the system names are the same as those in the Ares submenu, if it's more than one word just pop it in quotes. i.e. Load -> Bandai -> WonderSwan Color becomes --system "WonderSwan Color"



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