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Sega Model 3 & twin stick?


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Can anybody tell me if it's possible to configure Virtual On Orangutan with the original arcade twin stick controls in the Supermodel emulator?  

I spent over $100 on the stick and adapter to use it on my Noir, and now learn that most of the games I thought it was compatible with actually use analog and not digital controls. Figured, okay, at least there's the Virtual Ons....  And now I find that even changing controls in Model 3 is a tremendous pain in the ass, and VOOT uses a simplistic control scheme (one button to jump, turn, etc) and not the twin stick scheme that nature intended.  So given that even getting the thing to work correctly with Cyber Troopers in Model 2 was a pain, I don't even know where to start with OT.

If anybody can offer any help it would be greatly appreciated.

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