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Polycade Sente - 50% off for a limited time


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Hey folks!

Polycade is launching the new version of our wall-mounted arcade machine, packed with awesome features like swappable controls, and mass-produced to make high quality available at a reasonable price!

The Polycade Sente will launch at $999 (no pc - install your own) or $1,250 (mini pc included) during the presale campaign. After the presale period, the price will be $2,499.

See our feature video here: 


Sign up here to get the pre-order deal: https://presale.polycade.com/


If you're unfamiliar with Polycade, we have been making luxury arcade machines for 8 years. Our flagship model has retailed at $5k, and will be discontinued in favor of the new Polycade Sente model. You can see a comparison of these products here: https://polycade.com/pages/compare-lux-sente

Our hardware is modular, enabling you to drop in your own components and generally future-proofing the product since you can always use generic components to replace anything that fails. We run on Windows and don't lock you into our software solution (you can install Launchbox!).

If you'd like to learn more about us, browse through our Youtube channel, Instagram, or website. There might even be one of our machines for you to go see in person at a public place local in your area: Map here.

We're happy to answer any questions!

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