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Salvaging old Hyperspin ROM folders and putting it all into Launchbox. Looking for best way to get all metadata to work (Audit games) and import everything over smoothly


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So I have a Hyperspin setup from years ago that honestly never worked right where I was using it frequently. My buddy has suggested launchbox and bigbox for me and I’m trying to see the best way to approach my installation of everything. Basically I cut my roms out of my Hyperspin setup and am trying to use those root folders as my paths for launchbox. Problem is they’re older, the way they are separated is how Hyperspin had them etc. I basically paid for the roms I have and don’t want to lose them but trying to have a complete and working system with like everything that I have (2 drives close to 10tb all together).

At this point I have imported all games from the old hyperspin folders keeping them in their original paths. The problem now is some of the folders I've tried to import don't show up or recognize in Launchbox, I have made a list of what the folders were named. If anyone can recommend how to import these that would be helpful. The second part of my problem is metadata appropriately attaching for the games I've imported. I have a ton of emulators/roms for various computers, arcades, and consoles. Trying to figure out the best way to fix and audit these as well I have 767 GB left currently on one drive and 24 Kb left on the other.

The folders from hyperspin I cannot find what emulator/system they run with are: (Any help would be much appreciated) For the record I have both Launchbox and Bigbox so if there is extra tools on Bigbox I do have it if that makes things easier.

AAE – Another Arcade Emulator

Acorn 8-Bit


American Laser Games

Apple 1

Applied Technology Superbee

Atari Age

Bandai Supervision 8000

Canon X-07

Casio PV-2000

Coleco Telstar

Commodore 16 and Plus4




Doujin Games

Exodus Dos Pack


Flash Games

Fruit Machines

Gizmondo (No Known Emulator)

Hacked Games

Handheld Games

Ice Cold Games

Konix Multi-System

Leapster Learning Game System

Locomalito Games

Luxor ABC 80

Lviv PC-01

Magnavox Odyssey 4000



NES Prototypes


Nintendo Sufami Turbo

Nintendo Super Game Boy

Nintendo Wii Light Gun

PC Games

Pecom 64

Poineer Palcom Laserdisc


RM Nimbus

RPG Maker

Run N Gun

Samsung SPC-1000

Sega ages roms

Sega Mark 3

Sega Master System Import

Sega Ringedge

Sega VMU

Sharp MZs

Sharp x68000

Shmup wheel

Sinclair QL



Sony Playstation Minis

Sony SMC 777

Tatung Einstein-TC-01


Thomson MO5

Thomson TO7

Thomson TO8

Timex Sinclair

Tomy Pyuuta

Touhou Project

UniPlayer 3D


Vintage BASIC

Xbox Live Arcade

Clone Hero

Gog Games

PC Games


This shows the naming of the folders I have and am trying to build from


I've also attached a few screenshots of my system once I bring them in.  Some obscure systems have garbled titles and others seem to be like prototypes or games that will not pull any photos or assets etc.  Basically trying to figure out the best way to utilize everything and fix it so it is a clean system with all of the games I have while pulling all photos and assets needed for everything to display nicely.  Kind of lost at what I should do next. 




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