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How to add additional apps that launch in a different emulator from the main game


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Hi Folks, I'm trying to add additional apps that launch in a different emulator to the main game. 

The use-case here is for Gamecube games that allowed you to download bitesize games to the GBA's memory using the GBA link cable. I have these games in .gba format and want to set them up as additional apps for the main Gamecube entry.

So in my Gamecube Launchbox entry, I create my additional apps and fill out the application path to the .gba ROM. However when I check the `Use Emulator` option and choose RetroArch, it doesn't load, which I assume is because I'm not specifying which core to use. However when `Use Emulator` is checked, the option to add an application command line parameters is greyed out, I'm assuming because it expects the additional app to use the same emulator as the default app (which in this case is Dolphin).

I know I can just load these through Dolphin, but the reason I'm trying to launch them with RetroArch is that some of them support Retroachievements.

So I tried leaving `Use Emulator` unchecked and use the Application Command Line Parameter instead, but couldn't quite get this to work. So far I've got



But I don't know how to pass in the rom file located in the Application Path.

Any ideas what I'm missing? Or suggests for a better way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance 😄

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you can do it like that, by unchecking use emulator and entering in the command line manually. retroarch needs at the very least the core and the specific ROM/game passed to it. syntax would be like this. I added -f for launching into fullscreen too

"C:\path\to\retroarch\retroarch.exe" -L "libretro_core.dll" "C:\Full\path\to\ROM\ROM.zip" -f

so you would select the retroarch EXE from the Application Path Browse button and then only need to enter the core and game and any extras in the command line parameter field. would really only need this in said command line parameter field because the path to retroarch is set from the Application Path field

-L "libretro_core.dll" "C:\Full\path\to\ROM\ROM.zip"


43 minutes ago, bob_the_blob2 said:

But I don't know how to pass in the rom file located in the Application Path.

You cannot since the ROM file would normally be declared in the field which changes to the Application Path. This means there is really no spot where the ROM file is stored anymore. So LB wouldn't be passing anything (empty variable) and emulator wouldn't load any game as a result. (FYI %romfile% is the built in LB variable, but it's going to be empty in this circumstance)

You need to type out the ROM file. Here is an example using relative path for ROM file. It was exact same path setup by LB by default when "Use Emulator" was checked


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