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My Blog Revamp



My Blog revival,



I found the blog section one day and thought this is cool, I like writing. (just come off the back of writing down all I knew about emulation, Shield TV and RetroArch)

But I was busy learning emulators and finding games to play so didnt have time or want to write my thoughts in blog format.

Anyway I have been unhappy in general life for a fair while.....plodding along collecting my romsets, working on my setup till early hours and learning a whole bunch of stuff. Then the sun came out and I got some focus..

I got back to being positive and happy....(maybe a little hyper but who cares)

Work/Home life is crazy right now so PC and Shield TV time is limited. I have many of the games I wanted setup now (A WHOLE lot more to do) I have got some really enjoyable emulation projects on the go which is keeping me happy and I am focused on them instead of finding other things.


I have decided to category my blog posts by way of tag and title. I write about alot of things, emulation, daily venting, personal projects, personal life and uncomfortable topics/opinions.

The categories will help people steer clear of things they dont want to read and into the stuff they do.........You know there are many people that think this place is just for games and talking about that enjoyable stuff. Well my personal view is that this is a positive community with a common passion. This blog has inspired me and is improving my happyness with every entry, so leave me to it haters :) ..... I have learnt more than just how to use LaunchBox here and read some posts with very heart felt messages. I dont have an agenda, angle or any other reason for being here than enjoyment and maintaining my happyness. (This new online life really has improved me as a person)

Here is the breakdown.....

My Blog Tags & Headings (so far)

DailyTalk = general random stuff from the day. Maybe not every day but whenever I feel like it

RealTalk = About my state of mind and personal opinions, feelings and Straight UP Honesty on all subjects (Money, emulation, life events etc)

EmuTalk = Talk about emulation stuff, news stuff I like and think are cool. Anything emu really

DroidTalk = Android related stuff......The Shield TV is the best gadget I ever purchased

ProjectTalk = Projects in emulation or home life most likly

PromoTalk = Self promotion and promoting others.   (This really needs to be seperate from my other posts....Im not here to promote anything specifically but if I want to it will be tagged)


Thank You for reading and I hope you like my brain rambles


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