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ProjectTalk:- Amiga & PS1



I have had 2 big projects for my own setup going on for months and had a great week for those :)

Finally had the time to get a big chunck of PS1 bin/cue games renamed to a solid curated database og 1807 games. Some 823 done and about 70 more to collect and convert....Final push wont be so bad before getting to test some and add in that set config files made by someone here (@criticalcid iirc-little search needed)

Bigger than that a dude (BippyM) popped up with the connections and knowledge to get Uae4Arm updated to allow for external launching on Android....this means the huge task of fixing up a database specifically for Commodore Amiga to utilise the Ultimate Amiga WHDLoad pack for Raspberry Pi...VERY exciting to have something that will be far auperior to the PUAE core in RetroArch (fyi love Libretro)


All in all lots of time consumed by this stuff.

The icing on the cake is that with a few additions from @slipsystem i can now have a LaunchBox/Bigbox setup on Android....well that is awesome for me.




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