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  1. What happened to the export option of "none of the above" from the roms section. We used to use it to transfer shortcuts and other odd files. how is this supposed to be done in this later version?
  2. You are one of my favorite theme designers. good job.
  3. Hello sir, great theme. Could you please tell me if there is any way to change magnification effect in the platforms view and replace it by the highlighted item like you have it in the games view. thank you. I use this theme as my main theme. great work.
  4. Hi, cookz718 could you post whatever you have so far for the new views. I wanted to poke at it and see if I can suggest anything or modify it to my liking.
  5. Could you clarify what you mean by other views. If you mean alternative views to xbox I am glad to give you some suggestions. If you mean what to do with the community, mixer etc links. Then we can all brainstorm together. Forum is a great place to get some ideas. I am also willing to contribute with graphic art if you need any help. Thank you for taking on this project. This will be a great addon for a lot of people who uses their pc as a console like me. The other day I was even thinking that xbox one x or ps4 pro could be the best all in one machine if they allowed emulators like android and 3rd party apps like kodi.
  6. how is it going. I have you been able to make any more progress?
  7. Ahh, I see. I am not so well versed in coding. I know I was able to change highlight colors in the switch theme so I assumed it was possible for other views but I guess not. What about magnification effect or adding any other property to the object that would give user an indication.
  8. Wow. This theme just keeps getting better. Could you upload a version with all the updated views. Also. I will try to post how to highlight something. For example the switch theme highlights games.
  9. I like this view for platforms. An alternative would be making "psp" full screen and moving platform icons from the left corner to the bottom of the screen abd spread them out. But this would not be an improvement but merrily a matter of opinion. Though like someone said in the post above highlighting a game that is chosen would be a very useful addon.
  10. one idea is to put option items up there. Home=platforms, mixer=recently played, the rest can be restart, shutdown, exit. just one option
  11. wow. looks exactly like the xbox one good job. on the second screeshot where you show the list of games it looks like boxes are overlapping is that on purpose? In the future I wonder if we can come up with the use for "mixer", "comunity" etc links. Keep up the great job
  12. how is it going. any progress yet. let us know if you need help.
  13. I think you could just switch them around and have game logos at the top left. Another idea is to show back of the cover. What about putting game details in the top left. Just brainstorming here.
  14. Again this a very nice theme. The problem with releasing something to the community is everyone has a comment, suggestion or a bug report. Here are my suggestions: 1. I like that you have released it and gradually will be adding new views. 2. I think it would be nice to have a view where instead of game icons we can have box covers because icons are hard to read from a distance. 3. perhaps you could add an alternative platform view like the image above simply because it is a cleaner look and keep the xbox one look in the game section.
  15. You know guys with as much interest as I see for such a contemporary theme, makes me wonder how in the world it took so long for someone to request it. I think launchbox is like at least 7 years old. Anyhow I am very excited about it. Also there is another person currently trying to design a replica of Xbox one theme so feel free to contribute to him as well.
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