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  1. What about the revamped wall view?
  2. I think your response is about perfect.
  3. That seems like a really smart price point.
  4. Ha! I was actually thinking of this exact scene about 2 hours ago. How weird is that?
  5. So what does this mean in regards to the features that you plan to implement?
  6. Both good ideas @elwooha6 I'll look into both, but it will be a while before I get back around to it.
  7. @MetalRaven This is very bizarre. Are you able to switch platform or game views at all? Also, the wallgamesview is only in versions 2 & 2.01.
  8. @MetalRaven What do you mean by "view setting" in Bigbox? Are you actually changing the view while the theme is loaded? There is a default key (you'll have to look because I don't remember what it is, in keyboard bindings) that you press while in a theme to change to all the different views. I'm guessing you're not doing this.
  9. @MetalRaven If you downloaded this theme from the themes downloader in Bigbox there appears to be an issue. The theme is inside a folder it shouldn't be in. The directory structure currently looks like this -- Themes/Alyssa/Alyssa. If you remove the first folder that says Alyssa, it will work. So then it will appear like -- Themes/Alyssa. Otherwise you can delete it and download it from the forums here.
  10. Haha, you're the best @jayjay
  11. @wallmachine That makes sense. Thanks!
  12. @faeran This looks cool. I'm assuming this uses the wheel for navigation. (I'm not sure how else you'd do it). So my question is, how do you get the wheel images to be so clear? Any time that I try to make a wheel image large like you have, it always looks blurry. Thanks!
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