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  1. After reading what I just wrote, I realize that's probably not appealing to most people, haha.
  2. Agreed. It has done that to mine. So What I do is backup my data folder, run it, have it put all images to directories independent of Launchbox and then copy the data folder back. After that I'll just go sift through everything it's scraped and add in what I like. So no, it's not real fast. But if you're cool amassing a bunch of images and going through them, it works.
  3. I'd love to see this too, especially with the newly revamped wall. I put in a feature request for it.
  4. What if everything on the bottom of TextGamesView v2 gets centered.
  5. Well, no surprise wins.
  6. Haha, I'll let you know.
  7. @C-Beats Does this take care of the animation issue with FlowVideo where the rows are overlapping and spreading apart as you navigate up then down or down then up?
  8. @C-Beats I tried reducing the number of items in the wall, it didn't seem to change anything.
  9. I can mess around with that tonight and let you know tomorrow.
  10. While animating. It's also only while using FlowVideo. If FlowVideo is disabled, it goes away completely.
  11. @Jason Carr @C-Beats WallView with FlowVideo enabled still has the issue where rows will move closer together (overlap each other) and further apart if you navigate up and then down. Or, down and then up. It becomes very obvious the less space that you have between rows. If you use the default theme with WallView2 and adjust the theme so there's less space between the rows, you'll see it happen pretty quickly.
  12. I tried about 25 times and couldn't get it to fail. I can try again later.
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