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  1. @C-Beats I tried reducing the number of items in the wall, it didn't seem to change anything.
  2. I can mess around with that tonight and let you know tomorrow.
  3. While animating. It's also only while using FlowVideo. If FlowVideo is disabled, it goes away completely.
  4. @Jason Carr @C-Beats WallView with FlowVideo enabled still has the issue where rows will move closer together (overlap each other) and further apart if you navigate up and then down. Or, down and then up. It becomes very obvious the less space that you have between rows. If you use the default theme with WallView2 and adjust the theme so there's less space between the rows, you'll see it happen pretty quickly.
  5. I tried about 25 times and couldn't get it to fail. I can try again later.
  6. I can, hopefully today. Where do I turn on debug?
  7. It's pretty random. Nothing consistent I can find yet.
  8. Issue 3 still happens after the beta 8 update.
  9. I tried loading three games, two closed and played the FlowVideo after exiting and one did not.
  10. I've only tried with VLC. I'll do what I can to verify it.
  11. Also, one more thing I noticed is sometimes when you exit a game the FlowVideo won't start playing again.
  12. It's only happening when FlowVideo is enabled. If you navigate up and down fast, you can see the rows sometimes shift around. Like they're spreading apart vertically.
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