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  1. If you use that you won't have to worry about hotkeys changing in the future. I do that for exiting all of my emulators.
  2. { $Esc:: Process,close,rpcs3.exe return }
  3. I was just teasing @Jason Carr, since I don't think he said what the new features were. Dad humor, I guess.
  4. Oh yeah? What did you say those features were again?
  5. Hi, Does anyone know why when using the pause menu with some emulators, when you exit the game you'll see the game for about 0.25 seconds or less before the exit screen comes up. Or, if you're not using an exit screen, the game will still show for about 0.25 seconds or less before it closes. It's odd because when I remote into my system with the issue, using Parsec or Google Remote Desktop, I don't see the game when exiting. It just has a nice transition where it fades from the pause menu to the exit menu. The computer that I'm remoting from is the same resolution as the computer with the issue. All drivers are up to date. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks for letting me know @Jason Carr. You guys are doing a great job!
  7. I figured I'd give it a few days before calling on the big guns. @Jason Carr or @C-Beats any idea? Thanks
  8. Hi, Is there a way to use a default image with the new, wheel - custom image type? I know you can do this when using one of the standard wheel image types. Example -- If your wheel image type is, "Clear Logo" and you don't have a clear logo for a specific game, you can put a default image that will be used for every game that doesn't have one on a per platform basis. It would be located at Lauchbox/Images/Platforms/Platform Name/Default Clear Logo. Thanks.
  9. Thanks! Unfortunately, no. That's not an option in BigBox.
  10. What about the revamped wall view?
  11. I think your response is about perfect.
  12. That seems like a really smart price point.
  13. Ha! I was actually thinking of this exact scene about 2 hours ago. How weird is that?
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