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  1. Thanks! Unfortunately, no. That's not an option in BigBox.
  2. What about the revamped wall view?
  3. I think your response is about perfect.
  4. That seems like a really smart price point.
  5. Ha! I was actually thinking of this exact scene about 2 hours ago. How weird is that?
  6. So what does this mean in regards to the features that you plan to implement?
  7. Both good ideas @elwooha6 I'll look into both, but it will be a while before I get back around to it.
  8. @MetalRaven This is very bizarre. Are you able to switch platform or game views at all? Also, the wallgamesview is only in versions 2 & 2.01.
  9. @MetalRaven What do you mean by "view setting" in Bigbox? Are you actually changing the view while the theme is loaded? There is a default key (you'll have to look because I don't remember what it is, in keyboard bindings) that you press while in a theme to change to all the different views. I'm guessing you're not doing this.
  10. @MetalRaven If you downloaded this theme from the themes downloader in Bigbox there appears to be an issue. The theme is inside a folder it shouldn't be in. The directory structure currently looks like this -- Themes/Alyssa/Alyssa. If you remove the first folder that says Alyssa, it will work. So then it will appear like -- Themes/Alyssa. Otherwise you can delete it and download it from the forums here.
  11. Haha, you're the best @jayjay
  12. @wallmachine That makes sense. Thanks!
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