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  1. That sounds like an awesome feature. Thanks for the response.
  2. Could anyone clarify what this feature entails -- Add Sort By Options to Big Box (another item in the alphanumeric list) Does this mean that when you're in a platform, you'll be able to sort games by genres, playmodes, release year, etc... when invoking the alphanumeric list, instead of just sorting by title?
  3. I'm not sure if this is obvious or not, but the wheel is having the same issue with any images, not just clear logos.
  4. I feel a bit stupid. I just realized that multiple people in this thread are saying the same thing I am. Sorry. I guess I'll just say I'm having the same wheel image issues they are.
  5. Wrong again. The wheel spacing doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Basically, it's just not cacheing game images properly that are used by the wheel. Sometimes all the game images for a platform/collection will appear, other times non appear, and once in a while some appear. The only way to get them to load if they're not appearing is to scroll through the wheel until all the images are populated. Has anything changed recently with the way images are cached?
  6. This is such a great app. Thank you for making this. Quick question. Can you edit images at a higher resolution than 720p? If so, I'm having troubles making that happen. If not, do you plan to allow for higher resolutions in the future? Thanks!
  7. Alright, so it doesn't have to do with "Custom Wheel Images." The issue is if there isn't enough space between images that the wheel is using, the images will disappear some of the time and not load again until you start scrolling through the wheel.
  8. Hi, Not sure when this started, but it may be the latest beta. When you use, "Custom Wheel Images" in a theme, it doesn't look like Bigbox is cacheing those images properly. So if you open the games view, it won't cache any images unless you start scrolling through your games. Also, once the images are cached, if you exit the games view and go back in, sometimes the images are all, or mostly gone. Thanks
  9. Hi @Jason Carr, I'm not sure if this is something that has been brought to your attention already, or if it happened with this beta, but the Boxes view no longer shows game boxes. You can test this using Grilla's switch theme. It will load everything except the boxes (box front artwork). You just see a thin gray rectangle where the boxes should be shown. Thanks.
  10. In reference to the post above, the same error happens when switching to any theme using that plugin.
  11. I noticed that I'm getting this error if I switch to the theme Colorful from any other theme that I'm using. This started happening when I started using 11.3. It does load the theme and go away once you select ok. Windows does not appear to be blocking anything since the plugin is loaded and works. I also disabled Windows Defender, which is my only antivirus.
  12. If you use that you won't have to worry about hotkeys changing in the future. I do that for exiting all of my emulators.
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