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  1. @luckyforeal USe symbolic Links. I do exactly this... However you will have to do it for every emulator that is on your computer. Years ago when i set this up I found it to run really slow only because of the images folder. Currently I have images on the computers (backup and synced using rclone to all other computers), and everything else on the NAS. Here are my files. You will need to run them form host computer and change all of the directories to match yours. In most cases I tried to use the %appdata% type of shortcut. There is also a reg file listed in here that will move your dolphin main folder you run that before running the .bat file for the symbolic links. If you use these CTRL-H will be your friend to change all destination folders at 1 time. I have other emulators done also so ask if you need them in PM Here are a couple of pictures of my drives the first one is my Videogames folder on my nas, the second is my backup folder inside that videogames folder, and the third is my c:\games folder which is where my launchbox and some emulators are installed at. Symbolic Links 2021.7z
  2. Ok, so i am exploring the possibility of removing my RocketLauncher install, and I have a couple of questions. 1. Should I remove it, if it is currently working: basically it usually works 100%, but sometimes after an emulator update it breaks and you have to find the new ahk file hidden in their forums. 2. I currently like the following features of Rocketlauncher A. Ultimarc U360 Controller changing - Rocketlauncher automatically switches between 4 way, 8 way, 2 way, Qbert way, etc. Can Launchbox do this? If so how, I checked the options menu B. Fades - I know that Launchbox has these but can they look as good as rocketlauncher and just simply put a picture up? C. Bezel - I am currently using Bezel Project. I do not use Retroarch at this time for many of my emulators. Is there a way to make it work the same? D. Pause menu - Again I know Launchbox has this, again is it equivalent E. Instruction Cards Obviously the first 3 are the most important. But the ultimate one is A the ultimarc U360 Maps
  3. Why did you have to change the ame of mame/ was it because your system was set to mame64 or that the leaderboards required it to be named mame64?
  4. So, I am aware of that section. However, the metadata still downloads or at least says it downloads. I decided that my files should be just about right and i do not anticipate too many more downloads so i set it to update all my media. It has now been 3 hours of it "Downnloading metadata for" XXX rom. I believe the option you speak of means that it simply will not download additional files for box front, if you already have a box front. Thanks for your response!
  5. Can we add seperate checkboxes here for Search Launchbox Database for metadata (Game information) and another for download images (media) from Launchbox Database. I already know my games are matched correctly but I need to add additional images. Occasionally I have had Launchbox freeze up during downloading alot of images. At that time I have to redownload the metadata also. See pic below
  6. Glad you are doing these again! Thanks
  7. @Korothcan you send the contents of your script here?
  8. Just wanted to say thanks to @chilidogand the others who helped me get me xemu working in launchbox! Awesome work
  9. Awesome work! I have been looking for a set like this and somehow I missed this until tonight!
  10. This worked for me Thanks! NVM all of this quote I found that awesome feature of using the names of the folders not rom files.
  11. Yes, great write up. By advertising I hope to get more people intriqued by it and vote for it. Hopefully a new vote will be coming out soon
  12. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5804/feature-request-multi-console-multiplayer @Darkshade or anyone else. Can someone please explain to me how this feature request works. I am very interested in it, if it will work in my instance. First thing is that I don't play many portable games. I could defiantly see how this would benefit portables, but what about consoles? I would like to play console games between 2 separate computers like a system link configuration Here is a snipit of the feature request submitted by Darkshade Darkshade created an issue 2020-12-11 My wife recently received some time off, and as such, I thought that it would be a nice idea to spend time playing some games together. The sort of games I wanted to play with her were multiplayer co-op games, where we could go through a story together and actively complete the game together. She's a fan of The Legend of Zelda series, so Four Swords on the Gameboy Advance, Four Swords Adventures on the Gamecube and Four Swords Anniversary Edition (DSiWare) came to mind immediately. Alongside games like Kirby's Amazing Mirror (Gameboy Advance). I also wanted to give Triforce Heroes (3DS) a shot, before being reminded that it's 3-Player only. We started with Four Swords on the GBA. I opted to do this through emulation because it would allow us to effectively play 'Split screen' while sitting on the couch and playing the game(s) through HDMI-out (mirrored) on the TV. For my purposes, I found that the ideal setup was to have two of the same emulator in separate locations from my usual Emulator directory for Launchbox (as not to mess with the settings). They would each be set up with separate settings (for controller input and any other quirks required) so it would simply be a case of booting them up each time and selecting the game I wanted to play.
  13. Just wanted to put in my suggestion to add the ability to import games from the XBOX gamer pass PC app, as well as the new EA desktop app. The EA desktop app is currently in beta and going live on like December 14, this will be the only way to access EA play through your XBOX gamer pass PC. I have 2 sit down racers and would love to be able to easily add Need for Speed through the app to my Launchbox app. The xbox Gamer pass app allows you to add games from xbox gamer pc to your pc. Again with the racer I would love to be able to add the FOrza games easily to my Launchbox app here is a link to read about the desktop app https://www.ea.com/news/ea-desktop-app here is a link talking about it coming to game pass pc https://www.ea.com/ea-play/news/ea-play-coming-to-xbox-game-pass and https://indianexpress.com/article/technology/gaming/ea-play-now-available-with-xbox-game-pass-on-console-and-android-7045517/
  14. So I can rerun it in the same folder and it will not lose my favorites? Thats really what this is about
  15. Thats my point. Is there a way to simply upgrade mame? Whats the easiest way, so I do not end up with 1000 of duplicates.
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