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  1. Aevans0001

    Daphne Laser Disc emulator - a comprehensive tutorial

    Here is my command line without scan lines daphne.exe cliff vldp -framefile Z:\VideoGames\Games\Daphne\cliff\cliff.txt -blank_searches -min_seek_delay 1000 -seek_frames_per_ms 20 -homedir "Z:\Videogames\Emulators\Daphne (Customized)" -cheat -bank 0 00000000 -bank 1 01000000 -bank 2 00000000 -bank 3 01111000 -sound_buffer 2048 -fullscreen -x 640 -y 480 here is my command line with scan lines daphne.exe cliff vldp -framefile Z:\VideoGames\Games\Daphne\cliff\cliff.txt -scanlines -blank_searches -min_seek_delay 1000 -seek_frames_per_ms 20 -homedir "Z:\Videogames\Emulators\Daphne (Customized)" -cheat -bank 0 00000000 -bank 1 01000000 -bank 2 00000000 -bank 3 01111000 -sound_buffer 2048 -fullscreen -x 640 -y 480
  2. Aevans0001

    Daphne Laser Disc emulator - a comprehensive tutorial

    Do you mean scanlines in daphne or in lb or in all emulators? I have never seen a plugin for daphne scanlines.
  3. Aevans0001

    Best Way to use Launchbox with NAS system

    So correctly what I have. 1 Nas (4x4TB) Total 11TB 1 Box account (50GB) 1 Amazon Drive (1 TB) Multiple computers and laptops with C and D drives Cdrive is for windows and random emulator user profiles (using symbolic links) D Drive is for LB/BB, Rocketlauncher, Some emulators, All image files (Boxes, SS, etc), Windows games Z drive is NAS and I have All Roms, All Videos, All Manuals, All Music, All Configuration files By not using a backup software to backup my settings, I have no need to make sure that the files have been updated, it is instant. Currently I have CEMU, CXBX, Pinball FX2, Xenia, Retroarch, and MAME running from my D drive with the settings being on the Z: drive. For frontends I use LB/BB and Rocketlauncher (although shortly I hope to get rid of RL and just use LB/BB from the D Drive I have symbolic links from the default folders to my Nas drive. For instance I have a symbolic link from d:\games\Launchbox\Games\ --------> z:\videogames\Games also one from d:\games\launchbox\manuals ----------> z:\videogames\manuals This way there is less configuration to do in launchbox, everything is default. Since @peterrrjr post I now have my images in a symbolic link from d:\games\launchbox\images ---------------> d:\cloud\amazon drive\Launchbox images. Which automatically backs up to my amazon drive with unlimited photo storage, and in turn also sync to my nas drive under z:\amazondrive and to my arcade to d:\cloud\amazon drive\launchox images. Which again means less configuration as all pc machines are the same. If I add images to one pc, it will automatically sync to the other pc within minutes. If you would like any of y other batch files, let me know.
  4. Aevans0001

    Best Way to use Launchbox with NAS system

    @Lukeyboy67 The problem with your setup is that you are still using your external drive to load your images, not your ssd (as far as I understand). I know that when I tried having my images on my nas it ran really slowly, and not worth the extra time it took. I also learned from my most recent experience, there is such thing as too many symbolic links. I am attaching some of the batch files i created to automatically create the symbolic links I currently use. I will include what I use for Launchbox, Rocketlauncher, and MAME. I also have other emulators. Basically what I wanted to do was have certain emulators on my D drive on both my Arcade and my regular computer, yet have my settings be found on the nas. This way both PCs have the same exact user experience. Run the files as admin @peterrrjr This sounds like a great idea for my images, currently I have them in the images directory on my launchbox folder, and I have to manually copy them over to each pc. How did you setup the cloud service to work the best? Rocket Launcher symbolic Links.bat Launchbox Symbolic Links.bat Mame Symbolic Links.bat
  5. Aevans0001

    Sync'd copy of LaunchBox not launching on other PC

    Vertigo, you could setup a shared drive and then use symbolic links. I use a nas system and use symbolic links on all of the important configuration files.
  6. Aevans0001

    Daphne Laser Disc emulator - a comprehensive tutorial

    Ok so I use rocket launcher so my actual setup is different but here is the setup to use launchbox, Daphne, and Cliff hanger. I chose Cliff because I am not sure if talking about Lair is allowed. 1. Make sure yur games work in daphneloader.exe 2. add a game to Launchbox and make the game to point to daphne.exe 3. make sure and turn off emulator in launchbox 4. Load daphneloader.exe 5. Click on game then click on configure 6. Set your game preferences 7. Click on advance tab and and enable display command line 8. exit configure and load game, you will now see this screen 9. Click copy to clipboard and paste this information to launchbox edit game screen as shown below. 10. if you notice I delete daphne.exe from the application command line parameters. Now simply load the game! If you have any other questions let me know. If you would like to know how to setup rocketlauncher with Daphne also let me know.
  7. Aevans0001

    9.1-beta-1 Released

    I am having an issue though I have multiple displays but only 1 screen active in Big box and sometimes it loads like this. Quite often today ( i just moved i to screen 2 (which is larger) and I have rebooted multiple times. Sometimes it comes up right, others not so much Edit 1: If I load big box directly from the big box shortcut I get this, If I load launchbox and then big box it works ok Edit 2: If the shortcut is on my smaller screen, big box loads like above on the bigger screen. If the shortcut is on bigger screen it loads correctly. Is there anyway to fix this?
  8. Aevans0001

    9.1-beta-1 Released

    So what is out of order I see 2. unified refried should be under Criticalzonev2 and above unified refried - Arcade. Also Pinball FX should be under Pinball Arcade, The. I just loaded the same theme, mine shows up correctly. However I changed Unified Refried - Arcade to Unified Refried-Arcade to test and It still showed up Alphabetically, but it was changed in the list to correspond with Unified Refried-Arcade. My The Pinball Arcade is sorting under The Pinball Arcade not Pinball Arcade, The. Not saying this is an issue just was unsure how it sorted.
  9. Aevans0001

    9.1-beta-1 Released

    Look above he already answered the videos auto playing. I think maybe the new version turned that off somehow, as mine was unchecked also.
  10. Aevans0001

    Adding Windows Store Games

    EDIT: NVM, this was answered here
  11. Aevans0001

    Instruction Cards

    if you have time, if you can link me to the download page or send me a pm with it. I looked and not exactly sure what to look for
  12. Aevans0001

    Instruction Cards

    Ok so I got those. However what i was trying to do is get what this guy got working. Check it out at 7:24 of the video Ultimate Multicade Edit: Found out he uses LEDBlinky, however is there a database of configuration files for all the games?
  13. Aevans0001

    Instruction Cards

    @ninja2bceen I din't see any instruction cards. I did find the bezel project and have added those, it was really easy. Thank you. However I am really looking for the instruction cards.
  14. Aevans0001

    Import from Gamebase?

    Thanks pitkin
  15. Aevans0001

    Daphne Laser Disc emulator - a comprehensive tutorial

    add this to the top of your bat file Letter of drive example D😕 CD "(name of directory to daphne)" don't forget quotes example cd "emulators\daphne\" So my bat file would be d: cd "Emulators\Daphne v1.0-2.2.11 (Customized)" daphne.exe lair vldp -framefile "D:\Emulators\Daphne v1.0-2.2.11 (Customized)\framefile\lair.txt" -blank_searches -homedir "Z:\Emulators\Daphne (Customized)" -useoverlaysb 1 -bank 0 11001000 -bank 1 00000010 -noserversend -sound_buffer 2048 -x 640 -y 480 then save that as Dlair.bat. If that works post back to here then I will give step by step instructions