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  1. ok thank you I will test it 😅
  2. So ok, so I have to do the Z.b Retroarch manually and for each game individually and how do I configure the best as I said 8 buttons are always two with each other oooo oooo + o o extra for coins and for what the second is no idea
  3. Hi guys, I have a question and I am currently in the process of configuring my Arcade Cabinet and have a small problem with the setting of the buttons. I can use it to control my bigbox system, but as soon as I go into any game, the system no longer recognizes the controller, I now have to configure each game individually, or can I automate that somewhere, and where do I put the game back into the bigbox system? currently only the ESC button is needed but would like to have the button layout For 2 players 8 player buttons + 2 extra buttons for coin and extra are not known for what and of course the joystick soory for my bad english (google translator)
  4. I tested it but unfortunately it still does not work Edit: OK guys after I had entered everything individually, it finally works thank you anyway 😁
  5. oh thank you that I had overlooked I test it when I'm back home (work)
  6. Hi guys, I have a little problem with Demul in Launchbox. If I start the games directly with Demul then start without problems. After I want to start but with Launchbox opens a program window for 1-2 seconds and closes immediately (CMD ) . I have no idea what I'm doing wrong I've set everything right also the checkboxes No space before rom and Use file name only without file extensio n or folder path. So what am I doing wrong? soory for my bad english i am from germany ^^
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