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  1. This is honestly the greatest theme since when Unified first came out--so clean, sharp, cool, and the feel is just right! Amazing amazing work! I'm having some trouble getting the Platform View 3 (the console pillars) and the Horizontal Game View 3 working...all I get are game lists with details. Is there a certain series of checkboxes the Images options need to have? Also on Platform View 2, the banners look incredible!--with genre playlists they spit back the oversized LaunchBox font, is there a workaround for that? So stoked this theme exists!
  2. Hi all, I'm a longtime user of LaunchBox/Big Box and really love the software! I'm having some issues/bugs with my Big Box setup now that I've moved to a CRT as my main monitor. I've spent some time searching these forums with no luck, really hoping to get some help here: 1) I'm needing to set my desktop to 320x240 to allow for a RetroArch feature called CRT SwitchRes to work correctly--any way to force run Big Box at 640X480i while keeping the desktop at 320x240? Also, I can't find any working 240p themes, any plans to implement one? 2) Trying to wiggle out of 1), when I make my LCD the Big Box monitor, the text is tiny (see attached photo). Because of the way CRT SwitchRes works, the CRT needs to be main monitor in Windows display settings--Big Box doesn't seem to like that and can't scale the text correctly. 3) For some reason, some handheld systems refuse to load (e.g. Game Boy, Wonderswan etc.), I posted about it here 4) In Big Box, there appears to be a bug where a title screenshot under the box art hangs when moving from game to game (see attached photos)--how can I hide that screen so that each game view is just the background video, box art, and text? Thank you all!
  3. Hi all, this is my first time posting here but I'm a longtime user of LaunchBox and reader of this forum. Great app and community! I'm having an issue where LaunchBox will fail to load handheld games through RetroArch with CRT SwitchRes enabled (e.g. GB/GBC/Lynx/WonderSwan/Game Gear and others). I can launch the games just fine from within RetroArch but using the frontend gives me nothing or a black screen or the loading screen...then, it's straight back to LB. Any thoughts on what's going on/a possible fix? Thanks!
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