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  1. More of the same, but with different color scheme. Will try this out and if it's good, I will publish it.
  2. I really think the missing year is not related to the theme, but the metadata of the platform. You should try to edit the Future Pinball data from the "Manage Platforms" settings located in tools.
  3. The year should show up if there is any. With MAME there is no year for the platform, guessing that the same thing with future pinball. Player Mode should also show up on some of the game views. You could try messing with the project files for Community Theme Creator Tool.
  4. Yes I have, but I don't have my previous settings available anymore. You are right about the issue. Now I just need to find out the correct commmand-line parameters to run FS-UAE with the additional apps. FOUND IT! fs-uae-launcher.exe was the right one. Thank you so much!
  5. Hi, I'am using a program named HRC to switch my refresh rate from 60 to 50 hz for certain emulators, in this case FS-UAE. I have used the Additional Apps for this purpose. Running the HRC program before and after the main application. This used to work on older versions of LaunchBox, but now the option "Automatically run after main application" does not seem to work properly. The 50 hz command should run before FS-UAE is started (this works), but the "run after" option seems to run right after 50 hz resulting in FS-UAE running in 60 hz mode (should be 50 hz). So the trigger is not working correctly, or so I assume. Does anyone else have this problem?
  6. Thanks and sorry for being late, but here you go, I don't know how to name the platform, so you need to change the file name yourself.
  7. I just noticed that you are commenting the wrong theme. LV-101 does not have thunder AllNightLong does. This is the first time I here about this. I might have to check this with updated BigBox. If there indeed is a bug, I will remove the video for now.
  8. You might be right on that one. I thought the theme uses the fonts automatically from the folder. Never had to install those my self.
  9. @virividiann1198 you need to use Community theme creator tool and LV-101 project files to change the video to screenshot. You can download both in the download section. Sorry for not linking them here.
  10. @Tigmex check the opacity values in the animation states.
  11. I'am going to make a dedicated 4:3 version, because the theme elements don't scale like I would want them to. Here's some screenshots. It's them same, but more balanced to 4:3 ratio.
  12. Don't worry. I'am not that touchy when it comes to my designs. Some times they work and some times they don't. I'am willing to give my theme project files to you. You could start learning to use the Community Theme Creator Tool for BigBox. With that you could tweak the fonts to suit better with your crt. The Theme is as light weight as I could make it, without lookin too flat.
  13. I'am woking on it. Hopefully it will work on your setup. Care to test a demo? I could sent you the theme files. I'am curios as how this will work on crt. The font settings may need some adjustments.
  14. Layout changes in game details view. Widened the menu to work better on 4:3 ratio also. Smoothed some of the animations.
  15. Some progress. Added few animations. Testing with 16:9 and 4:3 ratios, seems to work fine. Some elements scale badly, but that's the trait off of being responsive. Works smoothly on my i5-4570t with 8 gb ram. Trying to tacle the infamous playlist device images and logos. Hard to make them work with the same layout as the platforms. Don't want to start making a lot of custom images for those.
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