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  1. Sorry for the late response. You can edit the theme with the Slipstream CTC-files and CTC-tool. My support for the themes has ended unfortunately. You could seek advice from other theme makers that are active.
  2. I think all the themes work on every platform including Minimis. I'm using it on Windows. Pegasus has few options and it even feels too simple, but I found out that I don't really need a feature creep frontend. I love Launchbox for keeping my data up to date, but I'm not fan of BigBox. For me it's too sluggish and I really hate xaml 🙂
  3. Going to put this theme on hold indefinitely. Found Pegasus Fe + Minimis. That theme is just perfect for me. So bye for now.
  4. Decided to start a new theme for my bartop build that I have been building lately. Trying to find ways to make the wheels work better for arcade games. Found faeran's great BannerBox and made few changes for the wheel. I have already made a working prototype and it feels fresh and nice to scroll through the games. Design aspect ratio is 4:3 (my bartop has 4:3 lcd monitor), but I think this will scale quite fine for 16:9 also when it's finished.
  5. Why not just download the CTC files for Pulse amd change from there. Then copy the modified view to the theme folder after publishing, this way you don't have to worry about the wall views breaking down(cant build wall views with ctc).
  6. I know I'm a bit late, but I have one name suggestion: Over the Top. Just want to see when this monster is finished. Hope you post some pics.
  7. Sorry. You will have to wait a long time unless you fix it yourself with the CTC-files I have provided or just use another platform view.
  8. Did you download Vikings platform videos 16:9? Although the fallback image should not be zoomed. So it's a bug that should be fixed.
  9. I have deleted it. I hope you try newer themes that work with the new LaunchBox versions better and support all the new features.
  10. Doing some changes to the views and adding few more.
  11. Thanks. Yes I did. You can't edit the wall view wheels in CTC. You must do that in text editor. You can do the changes while BigBox is running. I did the wall view layouts in CTC. "You can download the CTC-files from here:
  12. "Honestly, Sleepstream is less beautiful" ...ouch. I cant help you with technical issues. I'm only a designer who used CTC software to make a theme. BUT, what you describe could be a bug in CTC or Launchbox, who knows. I know this, that Pulse uses a lot more animations and that is why it performs worse than Slipstream. You should try to tweak the theme with CTC yourself.
  13. @soqueroeu in short, if you want to change the theme you will need to download the Community Theme Creator and CTC-files for Pulse and do the changes/fixes yourself. You could also try my new theme to see if it works better for you. It's like Pulse, only faster and better.
  14. Thanks. Yes you can. I use the default BigBox sounds.
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