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  1. Progress. Few changes to the layouts. These screenshots are taken from a working demo. Funny how I want to make simple clean layouts, but in the building phase, I'am constantly trying to add more stuff and cram them into one view (carts, boxes, cd's, videos, screenshots ...). For some reason I'am trying to make a theme that suits everyone, when that isn't even possible. So for now on I'am just making a theme for myself. Still going to add it here for download, both the theme and the creation files. I think I like this better than my last theme (AllNightLong), which is a good sign.
  2. More snaps. Game details/list view will have transition that brings the info on screen after couple of seconds, so you will have the "clean" view when scrolling through games. The box art will change to video also when the info pops in.
  3. ...started another one. Trying to design simpler banners, that everyone can make more (logo is separated from the banner). Neutral colors, less info, bigger images, more animations. This will look like a burial chamber for your collection. Keep it clean, keep it simple.
  4. Hi again, and sorry for the late response. It seems you are missing all the photoshop effects... Here's a plain background that you can use. You would also need the effects for the device images to get the greenish glow. But at least you can get the banners to look almost the same. I'am going to make one more update in july, so if you are missing just a few banners, I can make them for you.
  5. I really don't know why. Maybe Jason is busy or there is something wrong with my update. The approval is still pending. I might make one more update in july to fix some more text issues concerning 4:3 ratio and add few more banner images
  6. Glad you like it. If you are seeing text insted of banners, then you are either missing some images for your platform/game set or you didn't refresh the images from the bigbox menu. Unfortunately if you are missing images from platforms/playlists, you need to make them yourself. I have uploaded the psd-files to make more. If you are missing game images, then you can set the fallbacks from the launchbox image settings... hope this helps,
  7. I will check this out tomorrow.
  8. Can you take a screenshot of the background you need?
  9. Your welcome. I just uploaded the old files here: There is also the 1.31 version.
  10. This is the set: https://yellowimages.com/stock/80s-text-and-logo-effects-vol-4-59869/
  11. Sorry, there is no way to make the theme customizable. The only way to make the changes you wish is to make your own version of the theme with the Community Creator Tool. I have uploaded the needed files for this.
  12. Thanks and sorry. I bought those files and did not create them myself so I can't share them.
  13. Thanks! I'am glad you like it. I have uploaded the psd-files here in the download section for both platform wheels. I think I have already done the Sega banners but they are in the playlist folder. You can copy them from there or make your own. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/category/15-platform-banners/
  14. AllNightLong Communitys Creator Tool Files View File Didn't like all the decisions that I made to the theme? Now you can make all the changes you want. Here are the Community Creator Tool files to create your own AllNightLong Theme. Have Fun! Submitter thimolor Submitted 06/01/2020 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
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