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  1. Almost there: Credits to Viking for the platform videos + arcade device image.
  2. Small demo of BareBones theme. Things to do: banners, device images and system view. I don't think I will be making any more different views for this one.
  3. This can be found in the game wheel views and game filter view. When you select this, you then have to configure the date settings to display the date as you please.
  4. Yes you can output the games release date from Community Theme Creator Tool.
  5. Thanks Dan for the help. Here's my banners and fan art examples. I think they blend pretty well in to the theme, always could tweak them more, but I don't think it is woth it. Looks better in motion than in screenshot. And the best part is that these are easy to make.
  6. You are right there with the platform image set with the Genesis close up, it has really bad images. I will need to make my own set using the Evan Amos images. Huge undertaking, but it seems there is no way avoiding it. Good idea adding the dirtyOld platform view to the theme. Nice to reuse something and not make everything from scratch. I might still make a new banner set for the new platform view that fits better to the layout.
  7. Got rid of the video in platforms, can't use those in fullscreen (slows down bigbox and wrong dimensions) and when small, you can't really see the devices clearly. Now trying to find good platform images... can someone help me? @Dan Patrick now the line has double the height
  8. Yes, please. Send me the logos. Only made few banners for experimenting. Really good points. I will reorganize the game details for the game and platform wheels. Using icons only in front of text fields, because of scaling (need to support 4:3, 5:4 and 16:10 aslo) and I can't put text after numbers that change. If the details field has text/numbers that change for every game, I can't add anything after that. There are some irritating things with bigbox themes that dictates how the theme elements should be laid out. The gabs between icons and text are also quite large due to tha scali
  9. Had to make custom banners, because the clear logos did not work so great. Still doing testing with different banner versions. Made some tweaking to the other two views also.
  10. Okay, I think I have found my middle ground and going to settle with these versions. Might need to adjust the background brightness more. I'm afraid the gray tones aren't visible on many monitors and televisions and the theme becomes all black.
  11. Last ones for tonight. I went for a different layout for now @Dan Patrick. The video alignment is a real headache and the only way to align it to the text field above, I had to put the video in a box. Not ideal, but it solves alignment issues (especially for vertical games). The box art I decided to put on top, because it balances the composition. If we have both the video and box art side by side, the bottom element becomes too heavy in the layout and leaves the top part too light. Even now the video element seems to be too big. I will tweak this more tomorrow with fresh eyes.
  12. Thank again Dan! And don't worry, I'm not feeling sad for the comments. The more I get feedback, the better the designs will be. I will follow your guidelines and fix those few gaps you pointed out. Hopefully I can get this view polished tonight. I'm not sure about the black background right now for the menu. I have to do some testing with few ideas.
  13. Thanks and yes, I will provide the files of course, so everyone can make it look as they please.
  14. More changes. I'm listening feedback, which layout looks best. Trying to keep on track and find the most balanced view for this crucial view. I think the latest is the best, but I may have blinded myself with the constant changes that I make.
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