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  1. I am curious if it’s possible (or how difficult would it be) to change the size of the gameplay video in the game wheel view based on the platform? I think it’s 4:3 which is great for the majority of my platforms but the video snaps I got for PS3, WiiU, and my steam games are all 16:9 so there are black bars on top and bottom of the game previews. This is super nit picky but I thought I might tinker with the xaml if it’s possible to put some conditional formatting of the video and the box that goes around it for those platforms which have 16:9 games. Is it possible? Anyone able to point me in the right direction? Also just wanted to say thank you for this awesome theme. I’ve used it for quite some time and it has my cabinet looking fantastic!
  2. You're the man, CDBlue. I compared working and non-working log files and saw this in the non-working log file: [19:17:04] Custom timer mode: QPC Changed the Debug > Custom Timer to Default and everything is working. Thanks again guys, you rock!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I thought it just sets the default emulator that will be assigned to a game when you import a new game for a given platform. Is it doing more than that? I did confirm that it's pointing to 1.14.0. And if I change it to 1.15.4, it will launch but the issue with this game and CEMU occurs where it just hangs on a black screen. Yes, I can right click and choose which emulator to use. I can choose 1.14.0 and it does that same thing where it starts and stops. I can choose 1.15.4 and it launches successfully but hangs on the black screen. Thanks for the suggestion. I took Launchbox out of the picture and I see the same behavior when I try to launch from command line so it's something with CEMU and not Launchbox. I can see the crash in CEMU's log file now so I think it's clearly a problem with my CEMU setup. It's interesting that it loads fine using the application but only crashes from command line. I will tinker with CEMU settings and see what I can figure out.
  4. Howdy, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help troubleshoot a game that is not loading. The game is Guacamelee for WiiU (CEMU). I have two CEMU executables (1.15.4 and 1.14.0). All of my WiiU games that point to 1.15.4 are launching fine from Launchbox. Guacamelee is the only one that points to 1.14.0 (because there's a regression in the latest version but it works fine in 1.14.0). I can launch the game via CEMU 1.14.0 and play no problem. In LaunchBox, I just created a 2nd emulator with all the same settings but pointing to the other executable. When I launch the game via LaunchBox I see CEMU pop up and start loading the shader cache and then there's a flicker and it goes away. I tried removing my autohotkey script and disabling game startup screens just to make sure but the same behavior occurs. I also tried deleting the game from LaunchBox and reimporting it but still got the same behavior. I enabled logging and I see an exception in there but I don't think that's the issue because I see the same exception when I load a game that's working. Is there anything anyone can see in the logs that indicates why the game is closing? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Debug 2019-04-14 07-56-16 PM.log
  5. Fry

    Cemu Guide

    2 years later this guide was super helpful to me. Thank you so much, @Lordmonkus! It's not possible through CEMU's interface but there is a (cumbersome) way to do this. I use a windows batch file as an additional application which will replace the controller profile with a different configs for each game when the game starts up. For each game that I need to set up different button mappings for, I do the following: Open CEMU Options > Input Settings Map buttons for controller 1 and controller 2 specific to the game you're setting up Close the input settings and close CEMU - I don't bother saving the controller mappings with any special profile name, just map them and close everything. Also, closing CEMU probably isn't necessary, but I want to make sure the input settings get written. I think you just need to close the input settings form and the controller profiles are written to your hard disk. Go into your CEMU's installation folder and find the controllerProfiles folder. Inside there you should see files called controller0.txt (for player 1 controls) and controller1.txt (for player 2 controls). I guess if you mapped controls for other players those will be there too. If you saved them with a specific profile name they will be there too. Copy those txt files. Go back to your CEMU folder and create a new folder. I call it "MY CONTROLLER CONFIGS" Go into your new folder and create another folder for the game you just mapped Paste the controller0.txt and controller1.txt files there Go back to the "MY CONTROLLER CONFIGS" folder and create a batch file, I call it Set[GameTitle].bat. So like SetMarioKart8.bat. Right click that file and edit with notepad or notepad++ Paste these lines in there xcopy /y "D:\Emulation\Emulators\CEMU\MY CONTROLLER CONFIGS\Mario Kart 8\controller0.txt" "D:\Emulation\Emulators\CEMU\controllerProfiles\" xcopy /y "D:\Emulation\Emulators\CEMU\MY CONTROLLER CONFIGS\Mario Kart 8\controller1.txt" "D:\Emulation\Emulators\CEMU\controllerProfiles\" Fix the file paths to match your system - the batch file is copying the controller0.txt and controller1.txt files into your CEMU controllerProfiles folder and the /y switch is saying to replace the files if they already exist. This is why I don't save my profiles with any fancy names so I can just replace the default controller profiles that CEMU expects to be there when it starts up and it just works because it's looking for those file names In Launchbox, find your game, right click, and edit Go to additional apps tab Click Add Application - Enter a name, select the path to that bat file you just created, check run before the application (and I check wait for exit to be safe even though it takes a fraction of a second) Now, I haven't set up a ton of CEMU games so far so every game I have has an additional application to set up it's controller profile. However, if you find that like 90% of games have a default profile and there's just a handful that need special settings then the approach I took with Redream for dreamcast games and works exactly the same is to create a default profile and custom profiles for the games that need it. Then set the additional application to copy their custom profile for on start and another additional application to copy the default controller profiles back on exit so that I didn't have to set up an additional app to set the default controller profile on all the default games. Not sure if this makes sense but that's how it works for me. If you need some screen shots or clarifications I'm happy to add more info but this feels pretty verbose already so I'll leave it there.
  6. Is the source code for CPWizBiz v1 available? I'd love to see this developed as a launchbox plug-in and eventually make it's way into the core product. I know you're thinking about a more generic solution that can support any front end but I'm pretty much dedicated to launchbox at this point so I'd like to see it more tightly integrated with launchbox instead of having another program running on my arcade cabinet machine.
  7. My basic idea, mostly I think taken by what I understood CPWizBiz to do and what I wanted for my cabinet is to let users define a controller which includes an image of the controller and the coordinates of each button within the image. Then define different emulators and read the controller mappings for each emulator from config files to map the emulator buttons to the buttons defined in the controller image. For the emulator buttons I would manually define overlay images which would overlay the buttons on the control panel image so for example on a PSX game, the control panel image would identify which button is the X button and which button is square and so on. Then I would define the game specific controls as they map to the emulator buttons with text for each button that would be overlayed on the image as call outs. Finally I think it would be good to define a collection of button combinations that could be shown off to the side. I don’t know exactly how this part would work yet. I don’t think I would go so far as to define full move lists for fighting games. I figured to keep it simple like on mega man show down + jump will slide or hold shoot for a power shot. But fighting games would probably require too much space or something more interactive to display that much info. Does CPWIZBIZ have support for something like button combinations or move lists and/or is that planned for v2?
  8. That’s cool. Did I understand correctly that the current version requires all control information to be entered manually by each user and the new version will move the controls database online so it can be shared among all the users? i have been considering writing my own little .NET application to generate these control panel images but getting the game control information seems like the tricky part. Not difficult, just very manual and I don’t see a good way to automate that for emulators other than MAME.
  9. Am I thinking about this correctly, what CPWizBiz can do? I know it is a program that would display the images for you but does it allow you to create a model of your control panel kind of like xpadder where you can lay buttons out to match the design of your controls and then have it read the emulators configuration files to generate images that show the button mappings? I'd love to design the control panel base image and then point it to my emulator folders and have it read the configurations to know how the buttons are mapped and then read some kind of controls database to generate the images of which button does what.
  10. That's cool. Is CPWizBiz version 1 no longer available? I went to your site and I think the download link is broken.
  11. I love the idea CPWizBiz to show the controls on a 2nd screen for my arcade cabinet. My thought is to simplify it a bit and use a program like CPWizBiz to generate the images and integrate them into the marquee monitor in a custom theme with a customized GameMarqueeView.xaml. I'd like to take a 16x9 monitor and turn it sideways and then show the marquee across the top, box/flyer art in the middle, and the controls at the bottom. I know CPWizBiz does a lot more than just show the controls and you're looking for ways to integrate it seamlessly into LaunchBox but I'm thinking BigBox already has the marquee monitor functionality so if we can just generate all the button mapping images we can incorporate it into what we already have. I've been playing around with a custom theme for the marquee monitor and it looks good but I don't have any of the button mapping images yet so I'm thinking to use CPWizBiz to generate those.
  12. Good luck! Don’t worry about messing anything up, just try one thing at a time and see if it works. I think the best way to go about this would first be to ensure your controllers are being seen correctly in windows. If you’re running windows 10 you can hit start and type joy and the joypad and controller settings and go into properties and hit buttons on your tankstick and ensure that they are being registered by windows. You’d want to eliminate the possiblity that your buttons are not working at all. Then assuming the button clicks are recognized in windows you can move on to testing out your buttons in a Mame game by starting a game, hitting tab, and remapping the controls for the game. You got this, it’s not as hard as it might sound. Just poke around and you’ll figure it out!
  13. Oh got ya! My suggestion would be to launch a game in Mame and see if you can hit tab on your keyboard and go manually configure your buttons for one game and go from there. That would tell you if the stick is able to be recognized.
  14. Glad you got it working! You might want to go make that file read only so it can’t get messed up (if that was the problem). It definitely takes a lot of reading and tinkering to get this stuff to work and becomes a bit more difficult when you get an automatic setup and then something goes wrong as opposed to configuring it yourself from the ground up. Hope it keeps working for you, good luck!
  15. Are you able to go back into your game and remap your tankstick buttons and have everything work again? This issue has happened to me for two different reasons. First was that I didn’t have MAME setup for stable ids on my arcade controller. I wonder if you are having this problem with not having stable ids https://docs.mamedev.org/advanced/devicemap.htm What can happen is your usb device gets a new ID on boot up but your Mame button mappings were done against the prior device ID. In the video and the link below they show how you can fix this by mapping your controller ID to a device ID (or something like that, it’s been a while I don’t recall the correct terminology) A second thing that happened to me to cause the same problem was once I mapped a button on my arcade in launchbox to the exit emulator, every time I would lose my button mappings. I think whatever happened when Launchbox would kill the process would screw up my MAME config file where the mappings were stored. Once I turned that setting off and instead mapped my exit button on my cabinet to mame’s exit key then my mappings wouldn’t be lost. Im not sure if this is what’s happening to you. If it is, you can either do like I did and not let launchbox kill the process and instead map a button to mames escape key. I think another approach could be to figure out which file that is getting screwed up and set it to read only so MAME won’t replace it when launchbox kills the process. Im not 100% confident on either of those issues causing your problem but those both happened to me and I had to fix it twice as described above. Hopefully something in here will help.
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