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  1. That's probably it. I bet there's a plug-in included in some of the themes I've been playing with. Sorry for the false alarm!
  2. I noticed there's a "TEST" option in the latest 10.11 release. I clicked on it wondering what it was and everything froze for about a minute and then bigbox shut down. I wonder if that got left in there on accident or is there a test feature? I'm a bit out of the loop. No biggie just wanted to report it in case it should be removed. I hope it's ok to post this here since it's after the release (didn't see much sense in creating a whole thread for it).
  3. You're doing the lord's work. Thank you so much for keeping this updated with each release!
  4. Hello, Is there any tutorials around for developing plug-ins? The API documentation is helpful but I'd love to see some code samples. Would anyone be willing to share their source code for adding a menu item to the system tools menu? I've attached my super simple sample, just trying to get my menu item to show in the tools menu. It compiles. I've tried copying just my DLL and also the entire BIN folder to my LaunchBox\Plug-ins folder but I don't see my menu item under the tools menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. LaunchBoxMenuItemTest.cs
  5. The reason I would like to do this is that I’d like to build playlists with auto-generated conditions for my favorite games in a genre, series, or collection. For example my favorite beat em ups playlist where favorite = true and genre = beat em up. I’ve noticed the metadata that launch box pulls down for series and genre fields isn’t always what I want, I prefer it to be categorized a little differently for my playlists. I could change the values manually and they save but if I redownload meta data I would lose those values. There are a lot of minor changes that I’d like to make so I am thinking to create a plugin that would allow me to specify my own xml file for game meta data and it would add whatever is in my file to the game when launchbox is pulling in meta data. Does anyone know if this is possible? If not I could create a plugin that is a menu item where you can click it and it updates all games. I just thought pulling the data in while launchbox is pulling the data in would be more seamless.
  6. Hello, I am interested in building a plug-in that allows you to pull in additional meta data for games (series, genre, favorite check box, etc...) from an additional sources. I’m wondering if anyone knows of an event or interface in the plugin API that would let me hook in to when a game’s meta-data is being saved or updated? I didn’t see it but I am new to building plugins for launchbox so maybe I’m missing it.
  7. Is anyone aware of a game controls database (similar to controls.dat for MAME) but for other platforms like NES, SNES, Genesis, etc...? I'm working on a little project to generate marquee images for my BIgBox 2nd monitor that will display some game art and an image of my arcade control panel with call-outs describing what each button does. I couldn't find anything like that online. I figured I might have to build it up myself and that will take forever so I just want to make sure I'm not duplicating a ton of effort that somebody has already done.
  8. Thanks Retro808. I really appreciate the feedback. That is interesting about the zindex. I’ll keep poking at it and see what I can figure out. Thanks again!
  9. I'm just getting into some custom theme development and I'm wondering if anyone can help me with what is probably a super basic question. I'm working on a GameMarqueeView and I'm trying to display the clear logo for both the selected game and the selected platform in my view but the game's logo is displaying a marquee or a banner and the platform's logo isn't displaying at all. I have a feeling it has something to do with my LaunchBox image priorities but if that's the case, I'm not too sure which image priority i'm supposed to change to get the clear logos to show. This is super simple so I'm sure I'm doing something stupid here. I know this isn't going to look good, I'm just doing a proof of concept to make sure I'm getting the text and images I need before I start working to beautify things. I've got a 2x3 grid like shown below and I'm trying to show the game title, platform name, game clear logo, platform clear logo, and game marquee. The game title and game marquee displays great. The game clear logo is showing a marquee or banner image. The platform name and platform clear logo are both blank. Here's how it looks in my marquee monitor: Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong. I did confirm that I have the game and platform clear logos in their default folders. I just imported a MAME full set and downloaded everything from LB and EmuMovies and everything looks normal as far as the images in my LB images folder. I get the feeling it has to do with the image priorities or I've done something wrong with my XAML? Any help would be greatly appreciated! GameMarqueeView.xaml
  10. Thank you so much, I've sent you my xaml file and some screen shots to show you what I'm running into. Really appreciate you looking into this for me!
  11. No, unfortunately it doesn’t work to display the text of my custom fields. I’m not sure if I have something wrong in my syntax. Is there a special place where this chunk of code needs to go? I just have it right above my grid definition: <aov:SelectionSnoopVMP x:Name="SelectionSnoop" /> I’ve got a text block and I can display a hard coded string and I can bind to the active game properties and display the game name and other properties like that. When I switched the binding to try to display the custom fields, nothing appears in that space when I run BigBox. It’s not giving any error, it just doesn’t display anything. I am super new to WPF and XAML but I’m trying to learn. I have a hunch it’s a problem with the DLL reference not resolving for whatever reason and that error that visual studio is displaying is legit because any time VS showed an error like this and said my markup was invalid, I’ve seen a similar result where that thing VS complained about just doesn’t display when I run BigBox. I will try some stuff like making sure I’ve got the themer DLL in the right place and unblocked and make sure there’s nothing wrong with the reference and maybe play around with the location of that selection snoop declaration line.
  12. Thanks a lot man! I did have a problem though. I'm running LB 9.10. The Ao.Bigbox.Themer version that I got from here is v3_9_4: So I'm getting an error in visual studio when I try to reference v3_9_6 because I don't have that version. I tried to go ahead with the reference to v3_9_4 but then I'm getting an error in visual studio on this line <aov:SelectionSnoopVMP x:Name="SelectionSnoop" /> It says: The name "SelectionSnoopVMP" does not exist in the namespace "clr-namespace:Ao.Bigbox.ViewModels;assembly=Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_4". Do I need to upgrade to 3.9.6? If so, is it available to download? I only saw 3.9.4 here on the site. Thanks again for your help, this plug-in looks awesome.
  13. Hi Eatkinola, Thanks so much for sharing these! I'm wondering if you could show a little sample code on how to use ActiveGameCustomFields from the SelectionSnoopVMP? If it's not too much trouble, would you mind showing a simple xaml snippet on how to display the text from a custom field in a text block?
  14. Cool, thanks for the info. I will focus on one marquee view to show controls for now.
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