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  1. I would also like to know about this. Did you find a solution Lord Exor?
  2. Tragically I can also confirm that the controller input lag has returned in earnest to my setup. 😥
  3. Controller lag on my system appears to have been eliminated. Thanks
  4. Hi Jason, I think you might have fixed it. It is difficult for me to tell, because I ported my larger roms (wii, gamecube etc) onto a different drive today, which for some reason seemed to eliminate 90% of the xinput lag I was experiencing. However, I think I was still seeing lag after closing a game, compared to the keyboard. I've got 8.6 beta 1 up and running and I don't see any controller lag now. So.. maybe fixed in my instance? Thanks for your efforts.
  5. Great to hear this is going to get some attention. For what it's worth, its likely this problem is more common than it appears as it has been undiagnosed until now. I for one would never have realised it was controller lag until I read deep into this thread in particular and compared to my keyboard. I would have assumed like most people that it must be because of driver issues/not updating windows/system not being a NASA computer/ridiculously poor optimisation of Big Box.
  6. Any progress on this? I am having the game list stuttering issue with my xbox 360 wireless controller with official dongle. By comparison, using my wired keyboard has no lag or stuttering. As the others above. I'm using the latest drivers, Windows 10 updates and the latest LaunchBox. I had expectations of plug and play functionality without any issues like this using paid software and standard peripherals. Obviously sometimes things get broken in updates and compatability problems arise that can't be helped, but would really appreciate a fix.
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