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  1. Hey guys, the problem was already solved thanks to jayjay's recommendation. Thank you anyway
  2. Genius! @jayjay Weirdly, it only works if games are stored in the Stella folder in Launchbox\Emulators, not in Launchbox\Games\Atari 2600. It's weird since that's where Stella's Rom Path is selected, where Launchbox's path to games for Atari 2600 platform is set and where all games had been imported from. It's not important, anyway, I just moved all games to that folder and bulk edited the games from Launchbox. Thank you for all your help you guys, you're the best!
  3. Hi @jayjay sorry it took so long. Again, I'm with a lot on my plate right now. Thank you for your help. I did as you instructed, this is the msgbox: "C:\Users\(MyUser)\LaunchBox\Emulators\Stella\Adventure.bin"
  4. Hi @jayjay thank you for your quick answer. The autohotkey script with "Run Stella.exe "Adventure.bin"" worked, just as the batch file with the same function had worked before. The thing is, everything I try outside of LB works. The emulator works perfectly. It's the LB's path that's messing up. When I right click a game and select "open Stella" the emulator opens so the problem is not how LB connects to the emulator but the path that sends to retrieve the rom and open it with the emulator. That's why your idea of the batch file or the ahk to receive the messages to exteriorize the path were so important to me: that is were the problem persists (I guess). Tried "Use filename only without file extension" but didn't work. I wish I could personally write down/edit LB's command path to try variations until one works... Any idea?
  5. Hi, I apologize for bringing this back to life but you guys @ckp @markmon brought something that might help me and in the thread I created no one could. Stella's games don't open within my LB (nothign happens), but I can right click and "open Stella" to open the emulator and choose the game from the emulator's interface. So, considering that outside of LB the emulator works fine, we all got to the conclusion that there's a problem with the path LB chooses for the emulator. I tried reinstalling, I tried EVERYTHING. What I would like to know is the path commands to confirm our theories. I tried with the msgbox ahk that Mark recommended and got this error (image attached). I tried the batch file that CKP recommended with echo to test.txt but it remains empty. Any idea? Thank you in advance and I apologize for bothering. Is there any way in which we can follow this elsewhere so I don't bother the rest?
  6. I apologize for the delay, I was cramming for some exams. Thank you for your suggestion @jayjay, luckily something went wrong (IMHO if everything turned out right there wouldn't be any room to solve the issue). I created the .exe and the .ahk as you recommended and this was the result when executing a game. Any idea?
  7. No, the default it offered was where it is now: C/Users/Username/Launchbox
  8. Is "Documents" a safe bet? I'm worried it'll take me a whole lot of time to adjust paths because of moving everything ?
  9. Is it safe to copy my files to another folder and reinstall Launchbox?
  10. Also with Juno First the same happens so it's not the ROMs I believe.
  11. Hi. I did the scannow and nothing was found. Great news. Tried RetroArch and THE SAME IS HAPPENING. I'm tired of this. If the games were bad dumps then they wouldn't even open anyway. Why do they open from the inside of Retroarch or Stella but not when asked for from the ouside? Launchbox cannot be used with this problem.
  12. I believe I didn't express myself correctly. I meant that I had already done that re-importing process and it didn't work. Also done. That's it guys. I'm tired of trying. Thank you SO much for all your help and patience, you are the best! I'll give Retroarch core a try and come back with the results. Have a wonderful day!
  13. Which is strange becuase the command was as simple as it can be: "stella adventure.bin". It should proceed in the same way as draging or "open with". It's so weird.
  14. The same as "Open with" Stella. Nothing. The only way I could manage to execute a .bin outside of the GUI was with a .bat file.
  15. Also tried ? Those screenshots are old lol I was trying with the roms inside Stella's folder because maybe it changed. A long time ago it changed with MAME only opening the roms inside its folder. Now I already have the roms again in Launchbox/Games/Atari 2600 and set so in Launchbox. Anyway, I strongly believe that the problem is not within Launchbox since all of you guys can, within Windows folders, right click a ROM, "Open with" and it works. I can't, so the problem is within Stella, that can't execute a ROM outside of its GUI.
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