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  1. All my nes roms now open to a black screen. I didn't change anything and all my other emulators work fine. So i re installed nestopia. Double checked settings (open in full screen mode, correct screen resolution) Figured it had to be windows 10 updates so i uninstalled all from this year. Tried opening nestopia outside of launchbox, same results. I'm stumped. What could have changed!?
  2. can you remind me exactly which folder these go in? it's been so long I can't find them. I put these in Launchbox/Images/Platforms/(same console as pictured)/Fanart do I have to rename the pic?
  3. I tried another colem. Same result..If I hit escape it brings up the black insert cartridge screen. Very odd. I don't Need to get into the input menu, I just wanted to see my options..although I did get in once to change the resolution..I doubt that had anything to do with this.
  4. My coleco Roms are not in the mame folder. They are separate. Is that an issue?
  5. No, it doesn't. I tried hitting the X to close..I tried cancel. ESC.... nada
  6. The command line was blank. I entered that. Didn't work. I did change mame to be the default emulator as well
  7. I can't get mame to run coleco. I've tried zipped and unzipped..any ideas why it won't run my coleco roms
  8. Yes! Thank you so much. My cabinet is complete
  9. And if you have the time to make an intellivision one as well. Thanks, your awesome!
  10. In windows when I open ColEm46 before I can click on File/Hardware/Video/Audio/Inputs, the open coleco file box opens looking for a rom. If I close it or click on anything it brings up the black coleco screen saying add cartridge. How do I bypass this to map my joystick?
  11. Wondering if anyone has had an issue with nostalgia. I have the complete tinder for intellivision but only 1 game won't import. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: the treasure of tarmin. Every other rom works. I've tried 2 different Roms. And then another 2 for the new version rom named Minotaur. Both failed. It always says 0 games imported. Any ideas as to why? I've noticed that I get that message whenever I try importing a game I've already imported but I don't see it in my list..so confused.
  12. The problem was that I was accessing launchbox through the old shortcut..So when I was adding games it was filling up that HD. Once I figured out I had to access it through the new drive and use the rom installer on That,did they go to the new drive. I just deleted all the old shortcuts and made new ones to the new drive
  13. I think that may be the case. I don't think I'll have to do anything else.
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