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  1. Wondering if anyone has had an issue with nostalgia. I have the complete tinder for intellivision but only 1 game won't import. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: the treasure of tarmin. Every other rom works. I've tried 2 different Roms. And then another 2 for the new version rom named Minotaur. Both failed. It always says 0 games imported. Any ideas as to why? I've noticed that I get that message whenever I try importing a game I've already imported but I don't see it in my list..so confused.
  2. The problem was that I was accessing launchbox through the old shortcut..So when I was adding games it was filling up that HD. Once I figured out I had to access it through the new drive and use the rom installer on That,did they go to the new drive. I just deleted all the old shortcuts and made new ones to the new drive
  3. I think that may be the case. I don't think I'll have to do anything else.
  4. I have only copied it so far. I deleted all shortcuts to the original and only open and run the new launching in the new drive. I'm ok with the existing games running from the old drive. Just want to make sure going forward it only accesses and saves to the new drive.
  5. The first thing I've done it's copy and paste the launchbox folder to the new drive. But it will still send everything, and look for everything in the original drive. Could I just change the path it looks to the new drive?
  6. Let's see if I can explain this. I ran out of room on my original hard drive and still wanted to add games. Added a new additional hard drive and added rooms to the new drive. I started the rom importing but soon realized I was running out of room because outs sending all the info to launchbox on the original drive. What would be the simplest way of telling launchbox I want to only use my new drive? Do I have to send everything over to the new drive and start over?
  7. I'm trying to get 1 rom that's not working correctly on my new cabinet running windows 10. The rom worked perfectly on my windows xp with mame 32 plus! (0.105 i believe ) so I want to try running the oldest version I can for that particular game.
  8. RandyMackDaddy

    CleanBG Theme

    You are AWESOME!
  9. RandyMackDaddy

    CleanBG Theme

    Awesome job,Thanks. And don't forget about us Intellivision/Colecovision fans
  10. RandyMackDaddy

    CleanBG Theme

    Great Theme. I just switched over to it from the Default but was sad to find out there were no pics for the Intellivision or Colecovision emulators. Do you have those? I'd love to get them. thanks
  11. RandyMackDaddy

    Nemos Bartop 32inch First Build

    Didn't even notice that. Thank you! So I have an intellivision and colecovision platform but sadly this theme doesn't have pics for those 2..Where can I find those pics?
  12. RandyMackDaddy

    Nemos Bartop 32inch First Build

    I downloaded the file and extracted it to LBthemes folder but when I launch Big Box it's not an option in themes. I see it in the folder next to default
  13. RandyMackDaddy

    Importing mp4's from emumovies

    I want to update all my games with videos. How do I do this simply? Do I use the import tool and just check the gameplay video (high quality) box on the emumovies tab? Will this re-import the Roms and essentially wipe out all my settings?
  14. I set up a 2 player game and when it came time for player 2, the 1P joystick (X-Arcade) didn't respond. Ok, I figured I forgot to map it. Now whenever opening the colem 4.6 a "open coleco file" box appears and I can't close it to get to the input tab. It seems it's looking for a rom destination,Not sure. How do I get into the tabs to change settings. When the box opens there's a COLECO.ROM file listed. If I select it it starts the colecovision with an insert game home screen.
  15. I downloaded all the missing screenshots on my Arcade platform for Big Box. I went into launchbox/images and saw every folder..I assumed I would just drop it in the screenshot-gameplay folder, refresh images and it would appear underneath the the other picture. But that didn't work. I noticed all the folders at the top are listed by region. Would I put it in there? Or did I have the right folder but didn't take all the necessary steps.