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  1. I have 200 playstation roms and i found a few hundred others i want to import. Some of the new roms are already in my console. What will happen with these as i import. Will LB see them and skip them? Will it re load them? I don't want to go through the hundreds of roms deleting ones i have. Trying to save hard disk space. Thanks
  2. I had DEMUL up and running yesterday. Turned off the cabinet and now today i can't play Dreamcast games. Getting this error message that i wasn't getting yesterday. And i checked to see if the plugin was still in my plugin folder and it was. What happened?
  3. Any way to get the game off that small screen on the bottom and remove the info on the top half?
  4. Does this game work for anyone? I get it to load. Enter coin adds time. But no button will start the game for me. I tried mapping the start button to others on my tankstick... still nothing. Using MAME 2.00. tried a few earlier versions of mame and they wouldn't even load. Just wondering if it's the rom or me.
  5. I get this error message when trying to start LB. Takes me to this site
  6. Solved. 1- some games require bios. Others do not. Also a command line parameter of -a -i is needed to launch in LB.
  7. Yeah... windows 10 is detecting a virus in your romlauncherphoenix downloads. Can you check them?
  8. Never mind those error messages for doom, Figured that out. They were temporarily moved by accident.
  9. ... and all my roms ate together in the same folder and in the cartridge folder in Phoenix too
  10. I have the Phoenix as the default emulator in LB although most of my games run on Virtual Jaguar.
  11. I just tried attack of the mutant penguins (which i have the LB emulator listed as Phoenix) and it started. It did momentarily bring up the select a cartridge box.. but then loaded over it. I then tried Doom and got this error message.
  12. I do have the roms both in folders and unzipped because i wasn't sure which LB needed to see them. Could that be causing an issue?
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