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  1. I can't get the mapping of my X arcade tank stick to work in virtual jaguar. Each button and the joystick direction registers when mapping. Then i load up a game and i can't move the joystick. No buttons work either. Go back into virtual jaguar and it shows my map selections saved. Then i thought i read you Neff a bios file so i put one in the emulator folder. Didn't help. Is it the virtual jaguar or am i missing something?
  2. I've noticed the last 3 Consoles I've added are using a generic white font instead of the actual console logo. Is this normal for my 3 new additions (3DO/TurboGrafx/NeoGeo) or can i edit this?
  3. But i did see a mode toggle while configuring with alt+shft+1 it had 2-button or 6- button
  4. Ah. Wonder if you could map both and switch
  5. Refresh my memory of where to put an image to have it appear behind your list of games in the platform for consoles. I know to get a pic for the system it's in LB>THEMES>IMAGES>PLATFORMS>FANART but what about the next screen?
  6. Although that controller config process...WTF? there's 2 buttons on the joystick. What are the other 9 they are mapping? ( gamepad1: IV,V,VI, III ETC.)
  7. Yeah, i just realized i don't need to get into it to config my controls. Im good to go, thanks
  8. Should i find a GUI or go with another emulator? Just looking for simplicity here. Can mame run turbo roms?
  9. Thanks for the info. Progress has been made. I am using mednafan to emulate. I have imported the roms to LB. I chose the NEC TurboGrafx-16 as the default. They start up when selected but are in small screen. When i open mednafen to configure i get this error message
  10. i have a roms set of turbografx games. although launchbox importer isn't seeing them. I tried mednafen and Ootake. I added both emulators. typed in PC Engine SuperGrafx as the assoiated (but I also see NEC TurboGrafx-16) platform and have the roms zipped (and unzipped .pce) in a folder. so is it the importer or the emulators causing the problem?
  11. Or, how do i look for the console images within the theme? Someone mentioned they are all in there somewhere
  12. The import tool doesn't seem to see the rom even though MAME sees it and plays it
  13. While playing some games in Launchbox/ BigBox using thr 4DO emulator a windows box pops up whenever i hit the joystick up. It brings up the 4DO file/audio/config line. Hitting escape removes it until the next time you hit up. Where can i change this setting?
  14. doesn't seem to have the BIOS files here
  15. Can you explain how to do this? Where do i find them, where do i put them etc. Thanks
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