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  1. I added a new name emulator to Launchbox for some new games only mame .229 can run. After trying the importer the roms aren't seen.I haven't added a mame emulator in years so maybe I'm missing something
  2. Id like my background image in the games wheel to be a pic of the gameplay, not the advertisement pic. How do I change that seeing in BB?
  3. I recently had to go into my big box settings. Xml and settings. Xml and reload them trying to remove a glitch. This was recommended by an admin and it worked. Now I have a Sammy Atomiswave platform in my wheel. It isn't in my Launchbox platforms. It has 6 games in it that all run on my Demul emulator for Atomiswave. But as you can see the platform they were imported to and are under is Arcade. Any ideas on how to remove this? I went back into the BB xml settings looking for a platform to remove but don't see them there. Or in my settings xml file either. Completely stumped. Even tried re impo
  4. Whenever I launch mario kart arcade gp from launch this box pops up. The only thing I've seen to do is to change the emulator (teknoparrot) to run as administrator which I've done. It doesn't pop up when launching from emulator.
  5. I have My Games wheel set to show Game Videos in the Background (when 1 is available) Or it shows a still of the Gameplay if not available. As I scrolled through the still Image would disappear when I came to a game that had a video. Now the Last still Image of a game with no video stays there even when I get to a game with a video. This didn't used to happen. It always disappeared. Did i accidentally Check a box or something or is this a glitch?
  6. I;m adding the Vectrex system to my cabinet. can you make for that????
  7. Using MAME 0.199 I imported my romset a few years ago. This was before the option to import MAME Arcade full set was added to LB. Initially it imported roughly 2,740 Roms. I used the usual filters (The 14 that are pre-checked like skip games unplayable in MAME etc.) But as I discover new games online to try I find all the roms in my mame folder but they simply did not import initially. so is 2,740 roughly the amount of games that currently "work" in MAME? I've personally re-imported an additional 25 or so individually since then. I feel I'm probably missing Hundreds of games! would
  8. Correct. But before i do that i go to metadata, hit X on the launchbox db id and have it search for the game. Then from that drop down box i choose super Mario bros. 3 and then go to images and video. I'm downloading the vids directly from emumovies website myself now. Then putting them in the appropriate folder.
  9. But should that matter? I'm using the drop down menu to select super Mario bros. 2. That tells emumovies which game it is.
  10. I've tried all these checked roms. All result in this video shown.
  11. I just downloaded 2 new roms for super Mario 2 & 3. They were correctly named roms. I then went into edit on LB, deleted the videos and then re- searched for metadata. Added the emumovies high quality gameplay mp4 videos. Both were super Mario bros. Videos. Not sure what else to try.
  12. I've been trying to download the correct mp4 vids for NES super mario ros. 1 - 3 for 2 years. Every time i check emumovies and re download i get the same generic vid for super Mario bros. 1 for all 3. Wondering if I'm doing something wrong at this point.
  13. I am trying to get DEMUL to launch in LB to fullscreen for SEGA Hikaru games. someone created an app to launch it but i don't know how to add it to the emulator options in LB. It's the HikaruFullscreen.exe. where do i put this and tell LB to load this first? thanks
  14. has anyone gotten this game to run on any ps emulator? It was unreleased and i believe only worked on modded consoles. I tried 3 different "roms" and a few emulators. None worked.
  15. that worked...Thanks! wonder if they've disabled importing of windows games?
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