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  1. No, none. Here's hyper athlete in LB and it's just not showing in BB.
  2. When a game isn't on my Big Box wheel bit is seen in LB is there an audit or anything i can do to update it?
  3. I'm adding overlays to the background of the Arcade games that have black background but had background pics in the arcade. So far I've added them to Space Invaders (original and deluxe) omega race, warrior, and warlords. Which others am i missing?
  4. But nothing will remove the black borders. When i messed around with the normal resolution the screen got bigger or smaller but it was always there.
  5. Using the mupen64plus_next_libretro core.
  6. I did improve my graphics by changing the 4:3 resolution to higher than my monitors native 1280X1024. So it looks great now. Now how do i remove the black box and make it legit full- screen
  7. Sorry. Just noticed an emulation area. Move if you'd like.
  8. I have an issue running certain emulators and certain games. Running windows 10 and initially started with project 64. Graphically looks good but some games don't work (including my favorite pilotwings 64) so i tied retroarch. Graphically a little crisper and the games i had problems with work. But there's an issue with black areas on the screen mid game (see attached pic) so i went in and changed most of the settings shown (see pic) to no avail. Then i tried 2 other cores in retro and 1 wouldn't load in LB (mupen) and the other was a disaster graphically (libreto core). Then i found Lord Monkus' post on Mupen64plus gui. But that wouldn't load due to a missing msvcr.120 dll file (which i downloaded and placed in windows 32 system folder after re installing visual c++ redist. 2013 and 2015) so im left with 2 choices. Play the games in what looks like 120 dpi or perfectly rendered with black out spots. Anyone have suggestions on other options?
  9. Well id like to start over from scratch. How do i reset all mappings to original defaults? I've been in and out of the settings during different games and have saved at least 12 mappings.
  10. I tried this and did not work. I noticed my device index is disabled and can't be changed. I'd like to try that as retro808 suggested
  11. I will try this. I also noticed that at the top it asks what type of controller it is. Im selecting standard. There's also an option for none. Should i choose that since it's technically a keyboard?
  12. I can't seem to successfully map and save my control mappings in retroarch (v 1.8.2) I'll bind all for the playstation rearmed core. Play a game and it seems ok. Then I'll try a N64 game and try and map that. Seems ok but then I'll go back to a playstation game and thre controls don't work. I guess i just don't know how to save for each core. I've tried F1 during each game but it doesn't let me set a button map but let's me choose between their options (which don't match the tankstick) Just confused. Retroarch forums aren't helping me. Hoping someone here is using it with a tankstick too.
  13. I have 200 playstation roms and i found a few hundred others i want to import. Some of the new roms are already in my console. What will happen with these as i import. Will LB see them and skip them? Will it re load them? I don't want to go through the hundreds of roms deleting ones i have. Trying to save hard disk space. Thanks
  14. I had DEMUL up and running yesterday. Turned off the cabinet and now today i can't play Dreamcast games. Getting this error message that i wasn't getting yesterday. And i checked to see if the plugin was still in my plugin folder and it was. What happened?
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