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  1. Thanks man I installed it and works like a charm.
  2. Yeah thats what I was thinking but if for some reason it works later ill let you guys know
  3. Yup win 3 1165 model, it works fine on my win max. I tried both setting but no dice I just cant figure out why its not playing inside big box
  4. So im using vlc because it said windows media player causes issues. To be honest its a brand new handheld pc so it could be the drivers. If so what drivers should I update to try and fix that?
  5. so i downloaded a couple start up video and i have it in the video folder labeled startup. i hear the audio but the video isnt playing, how do i fix this? LaunchBox\Videos\startup
  6. figured it out thank you for your help
  7. i want to port all my non steam games to launchbox but when i choose the windows option and it will not let me add a folder or even find my files. how do i get launchbox to recognize them?
  8. I figured it out, I just kept looking over the background music folder. Thank you for your help
  9. hey there i am having issues getting my personal music to play in the background of the most current version of big box. what steps do i need to take to achieve this?
  10. hi there, i just updated to the latest version and im trying to get my start up video working. the tutorial seems out of date. i used to just put in the root of the videos folder startup.mp4 but it doesn't work any longer. is it due to the xaml format and if so how do i convert ?
  11. i just installed coverbox theme on my bigbox and the main hub is showing just a black screen. i have background videos enabled. does anyone know what im doing wrong?
  12. i just upgraded my emumovies and for some reason when i got to the game selection screen ( Not the platform screen ) in big box all i get is box art and sometimes a static image of the game play..........I dont know if when i download my games to the library that the game videos box is not ticked or if i dont have something set in big box to allow the video to play..........if anyone has the answer id love to know it. thanks
  13. i dont know if anyone can help me but ive looked everywhere and cannot for the life of me how to get retroarch to boot my bios files, ive tried them before with the actual emulators and they work fine but they will not boot when using the retroarch cores in the emulator. They are in retroarch/system folder like i was told but its not working....if anyone has any idea please let me know
  14. oh wow thats awesome thanks for the info. Is there a way to have a certain mp3 play in the back ground of big box while i go through and pick which platform i want ?
  15. yeah it wasnt a video it was a static image and i must have ticked something and now its a black screen
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