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  1. Kodi addon for LaunchBox 1.5.7 released! CHANGES in 1.5.7: - Separate Python 3 version for Kodi 19+ support - Fixed AutoHotkey location change in 10.12+ - Fixed the blank black window not staying behind BigBox - Improved Kodi SMB support error handling - Other minor error handling fixes KNOWN ISSUES: - The upgrade support in this addon's Autohotkey script will not work properly with the auto download background option for LaunchBox enabled. Current workaround is to remove the check mark from the "Automatically Download Updates in the Background" box in LaunchBox's Options under the Updates section. - Taskbar will flash on Kodi Windows Store version (UWA). Current workaround is to switch to Kodi non-UWA or to minimize effects, enable hide task bar in advance options, remove Cortana search bar and change taskbar to black. - Due to windows security restriction on SMB shares over IP (eg. \\\shared-folder\), the addon will produce an error saying it is not supported. Current workaround is to enable SMB fix in Advance settings to replace IP with supplied server name or enable SMBv1 on server and computer to allow NetBIOS name resolutions in Kodi. - Kodi-six package is now required, addon will fail if after first installation of Kodi-six package dependency, Kodi was not restarted. RELEASE NOTICE: This release fixes the AutoHotkey directory change in 10.12, now the script will search the LaunchBox directory for the AutoHotkey.exe allowing it to remaining compatible with previous and future directory changes for Third Party Programs in Launchbox. It will now error out if it doesn't find the AutoHotkey.exe. Also, a bunch of bug fixes and error handling improvements were made for both SMB support and general script handling. Due to changes in Kodi 19, there is no way to have a python 2/3 compatible single package so a separate Python 3 only package is available for Kodi 19 Alpha+ users. This package will upgrade any user with a Kodi 16+ existing install who moves to Kodi 19 just by install it after upgrading to Kodi 19. IN DEVELOPMENT: - Back to looking into multiple Launchbox support, most likely now a Kodi 19 only feature.
  2. OK, I need you to troubleshoot and I am obviously not saying this right so I am going to put this in steps. 1. Do NOT use Kodi, exit out. 2. Launch BigBox via the start menu or desktop shortcuts 3. Launch Origin Games like you have been doing and note if the same thing is happening 4a. IF so, please post a topic about your issue in the LaunchBox Troubleshooting section, it is not a me problem. 4b. IF not, it may be a problem with script and I will try to recreate it.
  3. If it happens with just BigBox running and not using this script with Kodi, then I have to refer to Jason and you will have to start a thread in LaunchBox Troubleshooting, as that is not something this script is meant to handle.
  4. Right, so you launch the game it requires Origin to launch in order to launch it so Origin loads and displays but when you exit the game, you don't see the origin launcher anymore but BIgBox. That would be outside the scope of this script, if you were to try do same with BigBox only, no Kodi, and you get the same result, that would fall onto BigBox to take care of Origin's focus, so you would need a game exit script to fix that or talk to Jason for a feature for Origin Games.
  5. So what you are saying is the alt+tab is need to display the game or Origin client as in BigBox is over it? I personally hate Origin and only use it because of Battlefield 4 which I wrote an open and close script to kill it after I am done playing so give as much detail as possible and I will see if it is in the scope of this script or if you will have to do something like I did. Good to hear, it didn't break anything because it really was a simple fix, can't believe I missed it when I first did the blank window.
  6. @ivant @03397 I might have a simple solution to the blank windows over top of BigBox, can both of you test out this beta to see if fixes the problem and doesn't cause BigBox to interfere with your setups.
  7. In LaunchBox's emulator settings for mednafen, in the Exit AutoHotkey script tab, try this: if WinExist("ahk_exe BigBox.exe") WinActivate That should being Bigbox back to front whenever you exit that emulator. I can't force the black window to the back because it will go under the task bar which defeats it's purpose of hiding desktop icons and such. I take a look at trying to make it hide behind BigBox all the time but i am not sure that is possible without breaking things but I will look into it.
  8. What you are seeing is the blank black window, the script creates to hide desktop icons. For some reason your mednafen is bring it in front of BigBox on exit. Is it the only emulator that does that for you?
  9. Well, due to self isolation starting this morning, I have a beta fix for those that need it. Apparently, some changes were made in Kodi 19 so I will have to start working on 2 separate releases for python 2 and 3. So for right, I am releasing a 'beta' for Kodi 16, 17, 18, Store here and will work on getting a proper release out in the day or so. Changes: - the script will now search the LaunchBox directory for the AutoHotKey.exe and error out if not found.
  10. Yep, it was noted yesterday, LaunchBox changed the directory structure and nested the AutoHotkey directory in ThirdParty. It will be properly fixed this weekend as I am still out in the field working and can't schedule time for it till my days off. A manual edit is noted 3 post before this, if you want to quick fix it yourself. Edit: Looks like you edited while I was replying, glad it is working again. Stay tuned for a proper fix.
  11. It's under Launchbox\ThirdParty\AutoHotKey, it appears the latest (at least latest Beta for sure, on my test machine) Launchbox redid directory structure.... well, that sucks, gonna have to release a fix for that. Sounds like a 'this coming weekend' project for a proper fix but till then you can manually edit the main.py line 346 to: autohotkeyExe = os.path.join(launchbox, 'ThirdParty\AutoHotkey', 'AutoHotkey.exe') That should fix it.
  12. 2020-03-25 01:59:10.328 T:1728 DEBUG: script.launchbox.launcher: attempting to launch: "C:\Users\<user>\LaunchBox\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe" "C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data\script.launchbox.launcher\scripts\LaunchBoxLauncher-AHK.ahk" "C:\Users\<user>\LaunchBox\BigBox.exe" "0" "false" "false" "false" "false" "false" "0" 2020-03-25 01:59:10.330 T:1728 INFO: CPythonInvoker(3, C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.launchbox.launcher\default.py): script successfully run So it tries to launch the ahk script with the setting parameters and does not catch an error which suggest it does find the AutoHotkey.exe. Can you confirm AutoHotkey.exe does exist in your Launchbox\AutoHotkey\ folder and you don't have any log files in your C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data\script.launchbox.launcher\scripts\ folder, correct?
  13. Ok, can get you to update to the latest version, according to the log you are running 1.5.5 and the latest is 1.5.6 which introduced smb support and some code fixes. Probably won't change the issue but it will provide me with a debug log on my current code base and may produce a different result I can chase. Thanks.
  14. My bad, in my previous post I did linked the Kodi Log File/Easy instructions on the words "debug log", I will need you to provide a pastebin link in your reply so I can view your posted debug log. Please follow the instructions here: Kodi Log File/Easy
  15. Ok, in the %AppData%/Kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.launchbox.launcher/scripts/ there should be up to 2 logs LaunchBoxLauncher.log and LaunchBoxLauncher.old.log those should tell me what the ahk script is doing. If they are too old (aka you tried to run but the modified date is not the same date) or missing than the script didn't even make it launching the ahk script. I will then need a sanitized (usernames and passwords that other plugins may show during debug removed) debug log and pastebin link them so I can look at them. Currently, I am running Kodi 18.6 with addon version 1.5.6 and latest launchbox with no issues so I cannot currently recreate it.
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