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  1. I rebuilt LaunchBox from another hard drive (from which I had originally created this from, for an arcade machine) and I didn't use any files from the old version that didn't have anything in the Playlist View in BigBox AND I now have Daphne and Naomi again multiple times, but no other playlists that are in LaunchBox. I am updating metadata and will take a closer look at it to see if it is just the clear logos/videos populating incorrectly or if BigBox is only populating these two Playlists/videos. EDIT: Played with it a bit. I unchecked auto-populate on Daphne and it no longer shows up in playlist view. Went back in and Checked it again and it still does not show in Playlist View. Weird. I also added a different playlist to Platforms and it showed up in platforms in BigBox, but not in Playlists. I am just going to have to add the playlists I want to Platforms to access them that way.
  2. Any ideas what might be happening here. I did replace the Bigbox data file to try to resolve another issue, but quickly replaced it with the old file. I did a reinstall of the 9.5 update (was working on a different problem with shortcuts) and I also deleted all my playlists in LaunchBox and recreated them to try to resolve this issue. Before I did this I at least had 2 playlist Daphne and one other, but since I deleted and recreated all of my playlists in launchbox I get nothing but a grey bar on the right that fades away after a few seconds. I tried reinstalling 9.5 again to resolve, but nothing. Any ideas what can be done to resolve this issue?
  3. That was what I was doing wrong, thanks!
  4. I Installed the RetroFresh Theme and some Clear Logos for platforms, but I can not get them to show up in the "Platform" wheel. They will show up in other areas if I check the option, but the Platform Wheel is just boring text and I want to make it look better if possible. Sorry if this is a dumb question and I am missing something obvious.