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  1. Bigbox is not really built for touch but it should work since touch act like a mouse but the search ui might be using a different method than Bigbox so it might be cause issues with touch not working with it, i dont have a touch screen pc so i cant test, but im sure @Jason Carr can chime in and give some help.
  2. ea4492


    You should try and remake this with the theme editor, this is a really nice theme.
  3. Something probably happened during the installation of the update, so try going to the update folder in your launchbox folder and reinstall the latest beta and that should fix it, if not, its something with your data folder that probably got corrupted.
  4. There is a way to do it with autohotkey and you use the autohotkey exe in launchbox instead of the emulator exe. It different for every emulator, so you would have to look up the script for each emulator. But big box has a startup screen that shows up when you start an emulator until the game loads and that kind of hides the windows and if you have the timing set correctly for the start screen, you shouldn't see the emulator windows.
  5. I don't mind it if you Customize my logos, I like the color style you did.
  6. If you haven't seen it, you can try the theme creator made by @y2guru and try to make the theme in there.
  7. @Dwayne Hurst now that we have a theme creator app by @y2guru , and you can try to see if you can re-create the theme in there, or have someone help you. I would love to see if it turns out good.
  8. This certainly could be possible, but the original creator would have to do it, or if he allowed someone else to do it.
  9. ea4492


    Look really nice.
  10. Havnt installed this beta yet, but holly crap, 9.9 already, were almost at the 10th release. I hope something special comes with this release. ?
  11. Dang! You live streamed when i was busy and not a home. Nonetheless, the Theme Editor is coming along great, and i hope to catch the next live stream ?
  12. interesting, thats a cool feature, or maybe play a short sound when a game is paused like is most games. Jason would probably have to add in the ability to use more sounds in the sounds folder than is currently aloud in BigBox for this feature and it would probably be called pausecreen and startup for startup screen like start, select, move and back. The ability to use more sounds in bigbox like using multiple sounds when scrolling through the wheel like in hyperspin is something i'm hoping Jason will do at some point.
  13. Amazing work Jason!!! The new possible features actually make pause screens have a purpose for me, since i didnt see any real use for it. Im excited for AutoHotkey scripts for save and load game states and reset game. Keep it up Jason!!!
  14. I'm running windows 10, but bigbox is running off an external 1tb 7200rmp drive, so that might be it, but I'll do some tests.
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