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  1. Very impressive stuff going into this build, I also can't wait to try it out.
  2. @Mr. RetroLust This is the code I used to add the Steam Achievements in the GameDetailsView. <!-- Steam Achievements--> <TextBlock Text="{Binding AchievementsLoadingLabel}" Visibility="{Binding AchievementsLoadingVisibility}" Foreground="{Binding ForegroundBrush}" TextWrapping="Wrap" Margin="0,15,0,0" FontFamily="{Binding SmallFontFamily}" FontSize="{Binding SmallFontSize}" FontWeight="{Binding SmallFontWeight}" FontStyle="{Binding SmallFontStyle}" /> <ContentControl Name="AchievementList" Visibility="{Binding AchievementsVisibility}"/> <!-- Steam Achievements END-->
  3. Cab looks great. Another little problem is the folder which has the "Custom Image Assets" is not with the theme. Here's a quick manual edit I did just to get it working Bioshock.zip
    Great theme with fantastic transitions and animations, definitely a must have theme.
  4. Looks like the file name doesn't match "rotari joystick" should be "Rotary Joystick"
  5. Thanks @RedSnake cool so the videos have a delayed start so you don't get the sound playing before the video shows, that's awesome I didn't notice that originally. The Platform categories I have are just the standard one you end up with from the metadata, so Computers , Handhelds... and the playlist are the same autogenerated ones from the Arcade roms. But when I get home I'll check the filters / parent names and get back to you. Here's the code for adding the fonts just to save looking FontFamily="LAUNCHBOX_ROOT_FOLDER/Themes/DarkRoom/Fonts/Comic Book.ttf#Comic Book"
  6. @RedSnake Great theme, really like the way the fan art sides in the direction you scroll (how is that done?) I do have a couple of issues happening the first is the same as the comment above, If I try to view Platform Categories or Playlists then the theme hangs and BigBox closes. Same thing happens even if I try to scroll to the Arcade Platform. This happens even with the new Dll file. The other is the fonts there is no font folder with the fonts in, so a substitute font gets used instead.
  7. It's looking great you've both done an amazing job porting it. Have you released it yet?
  8. Yes it has been mentioned on the beta forum thread. What version are you running. I found i had to revert back to the previous beta to get it to work again
  9. I can confirm rolling back to 11.7-beta 7 the issue has gone and theme views now switch.
  10. Cool glad its not my set up then, It's happening on every theme including the default. But I have only had the issue since the last beta.
  11. anyone else having problems changing views in themes with the new beta release?
  12. Actualmente solo puede usar las opciones de inclinación y rotación, lo que probablemente se vería bien en esa imagen, pero cortaría la pantalla en Photoshop y tendría el video detrás. You can only use the skew and rotate options currently, which would proberly look fine on that image but I would cut the screen out in photoshop and have the video behind.
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