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  1. Welcome back and you come bearing a poll of goodness
  2. HAHA same here that's what I ended up doing..... but the idea always remains in your head
  3. Looks fantastic, almost there by the looks of it. Are you going for an illuminated perspex graphic for the marquee or full on LCD monitor?
  4. Have you tried This Ultrawide Theme @Jason Carr ported over from @CriticalCid unified theme. I've not got a Ultrawide monitor but going by the description it should work
    Amazing work on these, the dark binding looks great on all themes too.
  5. Just too add so that @wallmachine is not miss represented here @ruckage he has not shared this theme with the community at all, so he has not ignored your request. And your work has remained as you requested. Hopefully one day you could create a theme over here, that would be great 😀 Thanks again
  6. Well the original author did say you could use it for your own use, so I really hope @wallmachine and @Jason Carr still continue to iron out the last few remaining issues which will help future themes too I'm sure. And maybe one day the original author might allow the release with credits to his hard word. So let's hope that in the name of creativity and retro gaming alike we can all one day get to enjoy this, if not at least we got to see the YouTube video of it Haha!!
  7. Drag and Drop images WOW why is it when someone comes up with an idea like that you think to yourself BANG that's so obvious why is this not a thing already.
  8. I thought that the author over at RetroPie recreated a theme from the Pandora Box so surely if you were to recreate it yourself without using any of his or her images then it would be totally unique to that person and therefore usable.
  9. I agree with the wall view being worked on and would even go as far as saying that even adding a more 3D effect to the wall view would make it more immersive.... Like the selected game could if clicked on would enlarge in the centre of the screen and then flip over to the rear, then minimise back.... Just a thought 😀
  10. Awesome theme, I really hope @Jason Carr can help you out with getting your requests implemented for you. Hopefully before the new poll items 😀 So currently how are you changing to the next theme colour?
  11. That's dedication and a great end result, thanks for sharing the video and sparking off a few light blubs in my head
  12. @srxz Sorry it was working perfectly ok I just never realised. I did exactly what @CriticalCid said and after a few minutes I had more videos. Thanks for all your work on this plugin
  13. Ok thanks @CriticalCid it was the videos I was hoping to scrap so I'll check that folder.
  14. Oh ok so it is working but in the background.
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