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  1. Rincewind

    Merged vs Non-Merged

    I had the same situation and went with merged
  2. Yes I can't believe I've missed this post.... This is really good news and a feature / plugin I would definitely use. Can't wait to see how it turns out, and how it gets intergrated.
  3. Rincewind

    Calling All Media and Theme Creators!

    They are great , nice work @RetroHumanoid
  4. Rincewind

    Premium Upgrade Lost License File

    He proberly got a free 15 minutes consultation after which the lawyer then said "nothing unlawful has happened but I am suing you for wasting 15 minutes of my life"
  5. Rincewind

    Mort Theme

    Have you gone to "Tools" and then "Download Platform / Playlist Theme Videos"
  6. Rincewind

    New version of PASC is in the works

    Yes its not a graphical theme editor for LaunchBox, what I meant is that now users can take his PASC v3 theme and customize all the graphical elements and create new video overlays and position the placement and size of the video all without touching an xaml file. Which would mean that the community can create there own versions of that theme...
  7. @Robin55 It was the "Create Double Box" one for me but I've just tested it on my work PC which has an older version of photoshop (Cs5) its fine.
  8. Rincewind

    New version of PASC is in the works

    Slow!!!, I think what I've seen so far doesn't count as slow It's going to be an amazing and simple way for anyone that can use a graphics program to design there theme but don't want to have to learn the coding behind it. Can't wait for the release and to see what the community will come up with.
  9. Same here Photoshop exits after the first couple of steps
  10. Rincewind

    My four player build

    I've never seen them before but they could exist... I just use these 2player arcade set
  11. Rincewind

    My four player build

    Yes your be fine as you already understand the basics i.e. Frontend... Game.... Emulator. There's plenty of videos that are worth watching first but you will be amazed at how easy it can be to get a system (platform) up and running
  12. Rincewind

    My four player build

    Awesome looks well built and it's almost the same size as your car 😉 please keep us up to date with pics/vid of it running
  13. Rincewind

    Unified Redux

    I can't speak for how or who deleted it by error or mistake, but I did read it when it was up there and thought how can a theme that's main purpose is too look like Hyperspin be negatively reviewed for looking "too Hyperspinny".
  14. Rincewind

    What do ya'll think of this cabinet kit?

    Looks ok to me but it will arrive flat packed so there will still be an element of building it but nothing to taxing I'm sure