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  1. That's a lot better. And a great classic joystick breaker of a game, many hours playing that one.
  2. Hi @The Papaw , I've just asked @y2guru and this is the reply... Disable mute on the user defined properly of the user defined video UI element. Hope that helps
  3. Hopefully one day were get that feature, fingers crossed...... I know @y2guru had started work on this just before his laptop went pop.
  4. Yeah getting your head round them does take time, trial and error I find works best. There are a few oddities when it comes to animations and BigBox currently which I'm hoping will be taken care of soon though. If you download any of the themes from @faeran he has been adding the CTC project files, which normally have animations in them.
  5. Just about to reply to let you know that. Themes looking great so far 👌
  6. Or he's a bit "dotty"
  7. This has got to "stop"
  8. NOOOOO it's the end of all theme design as we know it.... and just as we were getting somewhere , Really hope you reach your target Dave. And look at the positives... You get a well deserved break.
  9. Released Version 1.7 ------ * Added - As of LaunchBox version 11.18 a new "Filters" button has been added. * Updated - Increased the size of the badge icons. * Updated - Increased the star rating size.
  10. Great work on the dark dialog menus, they definitely give Launchbox a modern feel.
  11. Alternatively you can click the lock icon next to the eye one, which will stop you being able to select that element but the element will continue to be shown on screen.
  12. Looks great can't see why it can't be submitted. Awesome work @seaview59
  13. Still never played that game. that one turned out great 👍
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