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  1. Rincewind

    Video problems

    That's why I asked for the PC specs because I have noticed it on my work pc which is an old core 2 duo with 2gb ram running Windows 7..... But my home pc which is much more modern I've never had that issue
  2. Rincewind

    Video problems

    What are your PC specs and windows version? LaunchBox.Next will be the standard version at some point so I wouldn't worry to much at this point
  3. Rincewind

    REAL 3D box view

    That is great news, being able to rotate an old game case and read the back would be a massive achievement. I'm looking forward to seeing this in action one day, glad it's still on the table
  4. Rincewind

    PASC V3.zip

    Great theme, what I really like is that you can create your own .PNG files for the video border or platform overlays and the customizer automatically finds them, saving having to edit any code at all.
  5. Rincewind

    Switch Theme

    Does look good, @Grila is right it's very hard to tell which game is selected on that view.
  6. Rincewind

    The Best Games by Console - A project

    Then those can be top 10 instead I suppose 😉
  7. Rincewind

    The Best Games by Console - A project

    It would be good if this was a top 100 playlist for each of the platforms that could be used in BigBox
  8. Rincewind

    Ratings defaulted

    Not really a feature request more an option request, I've put it up for vote in the Bit Bucket HERE I would like to have the Rating of a game defaulted to "Not Rated" if possible. or a "Rating" column to be added to the audit list that way I can filter the games that have a blank rating and use the bulk edit to edit just those to "Not Rated" (bulk edit option is there already). Hope that makes sense
  9. Rincewind

    8.3-beta-1 Released

    Thanks for coming back and explaining your views, for what it's worth your English has come over very well. I can't and won't speak for Jason or any other moderators, I did read your original post and I'm not sure if it did end in a ban or not, all I will say is that it is obvious how pationate Jason is when it comes to his software and that needs to be taken as a positive. My view is feature requests are all well and good but should not be made in the beta release thread, there are other topics related to feature requests and that's where they should be discussed.
  10. Rincewind

    PASC 3.0

    Coming alone nicely @y2guru
  11. Rincewind

    Restoration project Pyros / Wardner bezel artwork

    Great work , looks excellent
  12. Rincewind

    Switching from Hyperspin! Starting the process

    Hi and welcome, just did a quick browse of your cabinet thread, the shots of it in the dark are awesome and the quality of the build really good. I don't have a marquee in my cab but that just makes me want one , I'm pretty sure you can get the marquee working as you currently have it showing. There's a great bunch of people around here that can help if you get stuck at all.