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  1. @y2guru is the dev behind it, at the moment it's in beta testing so you should tap him up
  2. Looks like a science experiment 🤣... really nice looking
  3. Really like the Platform view, with the game view could the controller only display on the selected game or is it part of the banner itself?
  4. @Krako13 Without looking at the code i'm unsure what I changed but you should find it in the "MainView" xaml it's more than likely the Grid.Row, Grid.Column and Alignment that got adjusted
  5. Yes users get confused by "missing media", thinking that it's there missing media. When really it's "new media"
  6. So I set one key in both keyboard and keyboard automation then in game press them both
  7. Seemed too only let me choose one key, but I'll fire the cab up and try again. It would make sense and be really handy as I've run out of buttons on the controls 😂
  8. @Jason Carr could you explain the difference please
  9. When it comes to images and things that relate to a platform then your correct the spelling needs to be exactly the same even the use of capitals and lowercase, so I normally copy & paste the name to be sure. other than that you seem to of done everything correctly, when refreshing the image cache you could try just the platform clearlogos first and then all images if that doesn't work. Let me know how you get on.
  10. Seems if I add "p" as the button used for pause in either places it works the same.
  11. I've only just started to play around with the new pause screens and when I added a new keyboard button for the pause screen to work I thought I would look in the Keyboard Automation options and saw there were also a place there to add a key. So what's the difference between the two and is there an advantage to one over the other?
  12. @neil9000 I like those 3D boxart images are they different from the regular downloaded ones?
  13. Yeah I saw the RetroManCave youtube video the other day and was impressed by them, my concern would be software side of things but it sounds like they have that all covered already.
  14. As a work around you can always have all the games showing in LaunchBox and then in the search bar type "space invaders" and that will do the same.... display the game on all platforms
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