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      LaunchBox.Next Now Available!   03/15/2018

      LaunchBox.Next is now available in the latest beta release. It's a complete modern overhaul for the main LaunchBox interface.  


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  1. Nemos Bartop 32inch First Build

    Wow that's a big bartop, looks great too
  2. Have you tried different themes, I think there is a couple that work better on 4k monitors.
  3. pinball/arcade portrait display issue

    Sorry I don't use a second monitor but it does sound like a bug, I'll tag @Jason Carr and see if he can add any input to your problem
  4. Help with Fonts

    Yes it's This one and This one or maybe even thinner This one
  5. Thanks @wyzrd for the update
  6. Rincewind Theme

    I haven't tried but you could either delete the gif image from the theme and see if it just ignores it. I've been thinking of swapping it with new non animated image instead but I do like it on the 16:9 animated. Which view are you using can you put up a screenshot so I can see the rounded black border, thanks
  7. retro_with_style.png

    Awesome come back
  8. retro_with_style.png

    @harryoke how did you get into my house
  9. Rincewind Theme

    Thanks for the feedback. Can you see the Community Stars in any of the views? The select platform/game I need to see if I can sort, I tried a few things but they failed
  10. Rincewind Theme

    @Deathbringer @lezok I've just update the theme which should now make the Total Game Count work in all languages, can you let me know if it does
  11. "Bedroom" Theme

    That's great thanks @vice350z I'll take a look at those tomorrow cheers The second link the SNES.psd the link goes to the Fanart.psd instead
  12. "Bedroom" Theme

    @vice350z do you still have your Photoshop files and would you consider uploading them so maybe someone could take up the project crediting your work obviously
  13. CoverBox

    You could try WMP instead of VLC in the options, see if that fixes it
  14. XAML Tips and Tricks

    "drag and drop" would be amazing but and it's a massive but, I don't think will happen for a long while