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  1. Totally agree on this. As for the feedback I stopped using bezels when I switched to LaunchBox and have not missed them enough to want them back,the only time I could see myself using them were if I were playing on a very large screen... The loading progress bar was the most missed feature, so much so I now have all my ROMs extracted. Pause menu with all the game related features and info is also a feature I've been anticipating for a while.
  2. Rincewind

    MFME in LaunchBox

    I didn't even know these were emulated, they do look great
  3. Looking really good and a nice clean UI, does the pause menu put a vignette effect over the game? Maybe someone that is beta testing could upload a small video
  4. Rincewind

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    Loading custom backgrounds in to it that's good to see and the box art, and can your top bar and banner still be turned on
  5. Rincewind

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    Awesome to see the device element added now, can't wait to see tomorrow's installments.
  6. Maybe at some point in the future it could have the manual / maps / walk throughs added if available
  7. Rincewind

    8.8 beta-2

    Command and Conquer Only joking I don't have a clue either
  8. Rincewind

    My integrated graphics vs old pci card

    With a lot of the emulators it's more the CPU instead of the GPU you need to worry about on the older systems, but I'm not sure if the PS2 and GameCube fall into that category. What CPU are you using?
  9. Very clean , well done great work. I'll be using these definitely
  10. Rincewind

    Merged vs Non-Merged

    I had the same situation and went with merged
  11. Yes I can't believe I've missed this post.... This is really good news and a feature / plugin I would definitely use. Can't wait to see how it turns out, and how it gets intergrated.
  12. Rincewind

    Calling All Media and Theme Creators!

    They are great , nice work @RetroHumanoid
  13. Rincewind

    Premium Upgrade Lost License File

    He proberly got a free 15 minutes consultation after which the lawyer then said "nothing unlawful has happened but I am suing you for wasting 15 minutes of my life"