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  1. i tryed the bios even exacly the way they showed on youtube.. no luck at all doesnt work just keeps crashing
  2. So i am new to launchbox / big box and i have some games set up to work just fine. But for some reason when i launch any of my playstation games instead of launching the game it just opens up the emulator... Instead of just loading the game.. I am oviously using PCSX to emulate my playstation games. ( i have tryed like 5 other emulators ( all that i can find) but none work this is the only one) All my other emulators ( nes, snes, sega etc work fine) and this emulator does work and i can play games off it etc. but it simply will not directly launch the game instead just opens the PCSX somone suggested i need a command line maybe? I checked through all the options i have not seen anything that would cause any problems. Please help thanks!
  4. Why is my console back round image simply black... no matter what theme i put on or anything the system category page is just black... please help! is this a option or somthing no matter what theme just black...
  5. Hello So i am 100% new to everything atm i am using clearbg for my theme, but no matter what theme i use... my system catagories ( where you choose which system you would like to choose games from) is just simply black.... help.. is it a setting or do i have to just upload a picture? and if so can somone link me one and tell me how to install it. This is just driving me nutz that the system catagoires backround is just black as i cycle through the different systems. No matter what theme i use the the system catagory is just black.. I am assuming maybe its a option or somthing please help... THAKS!
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